1. Online Appointment Request Button

Providing an online appointment request function on your website is an easy way to attract new clients back into your clinic. Both new and existing clients will be able to book appointments and share that information with your staff, all without picking up the phone. Ensuring that you have a simple to use appointment request button online is a win-win situation for both sides – easy for the client and easy for your staff to book appointments.

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2. Give Back to the Community

Partnering with local animal rescue, shelter, or foster organization is an easy way to bring new clients in. One easy way to bring new clients in is to find them early on in their life. By partnering with a shelter, you can offer a free or discounted exam to new pet parents. Starting to create those relationships early is important for bringing new clients in, but also is a great opportunity to keep them as a life-long customer.

3. Exemplary Customer Service

Providing great service with a smile can keep your current clients coming back and generate more word of mouth. Simply saying “thanks”, giving a firm handshake, or taking that extra effort to give a pet the best care can go miles! For example, one of our customers likes to keep large umbrellas at the front desk in case of heavy rain or snow. This small act of consideration helps prevent your client from getting a car full of wet dog smell and is just one of those little personal touches that makes your clinic unique.

4. Refer a Friend

Your current clients LOVE you, so make sure they have a reason to tell their friends! Offering a discount/incentive for clients to refer their friends can boost your numbers. Many practices do a $10 discount for referred clients and a $10 credit to the client who spread the good word. But softer incentives can motivate as well; such as complimentary grooming, a gift card, a day of free boarding, or even a bag of treats for their pet! Whatever you decide to say or offer, just be sure to use the same text everywhere so that it is shown on your website, social media, and in-office handouts too!

5. Community Outreach

Build relationships with local pet supply stores, rescues, charities, doggy daycares, and others in the community. Chances are you have a favorite pet store or groomer for your fur babies, and you’d recommend them to friends. But does that favorite business of yours recognize how great your practice is and would they recommend you too?

Simply visiting or calling other local business is great networking, and can lead them to make your practice the #1 place to refer new clients. We suggest educating people in the community/local businesses about your service and values, get them involved in any events or fundraisers, and ask if you can post a flyer or sign about your practice. Don’t forget to reciprocate by asking how you can help generate more business for them in exchange!

6. Special Events

Host some events at the hospital like dog training classes, pet nutrition seminars, or hold an open house. You are the expert on pet care and health, so spreading the knowledge will build trust and show that you are a leader worth paying attention to.

7. Encourage Online Feedback

Having reviews online is just as important, if not more so, as having social media accounts. Even existing clients are likely to Google search you before they call you, and they will see any customer feedback and star ratings immediately when they search. Your current clients love you and will remain loyal when they feel valued. Asking them to share their feedback online, and responding back, will let new and existing clients know you are listening and care about their experiences. The most important sites to have reviews are Yelp and Google. We can tell you how to start making the most of Yelp , how to claim your Google Place, and what to do if you receive a negative review.

8. Social Media

Lastly, if your practice does not have any social media accounts… make them! If you don’t know how then ask staff who likely use and love Facebook/Twitter/Instagram every day. You do not have to be popular and post all the time, simply the visibility can be useful. Making an account and populating it with some content gives new clients another place to find you. You can also run contests for anything from a year of their pet’s food to gift cards to local dog-friendly restaurants. Your message will be shared with your visitor’s followers and can, in turn, increase your followers and visibility in general.


What are some tactics that your clinic does to bring new clients in? We want to hear about it! Comment below and share your ideas with us and we’ll add it to the list!