Online reviews are vital to your online reputation. Most businesses put their entire focus on getting their customers to post reviews but do not have any idea how to deal with those reviews afterward. Everything is going well until one dissatisfied client leaves bad feedback online. Suddenly you’re jolted out of your 5-star revelry and you think, “…now what?”

Of course, everybody wants that 5-star rating but this is not super realistic. No business or person is perfect, and every once in a while a client’s expectations are not met. How you handle a bad review is more important than you think since it will show your true colors. We are here to give you a couple of tips on what you can do when the inevitable bad review pops up…

Take a Step Back

You may feel crushed and take it personally when reading this bad review. Remember that IT HAPPENS and it is not the end of the world. If you can take a step back first, then you will be able to address the situation without being confrontational. Plus, having an unfavorable online review can add to the credibility of the good ones, making clients feel they can trust you.


Don’t ignore the review… it will not go away! It is very important to respond to the bad reviews when/if they happen. This is your opportunity to show stellar customer service by going above and beyond. But be sure you have a plan in mind before you speak with, or message the dissatisfied client. First, make sure you understand the problem and know how to address and resolve it. Then, respond back saying how this will not happen for other clients and offer to fix the issue immediately. Providing a genuine, apologetic response can melt the coldest heart.

Make Sure Others Know Where to Review You

Getting more good online reviews can help drown out that obnoxious bad one. Make sure that you are giving clients information on where, and how, to review you. Thankfully, the PetDesk system will help your business get more good reviews without you having to do anything! The key to generating the best results is keeping it quick and easy for clients. We also suggest, simply talking to your favorite clients and personally asking them to share feedback on your services online. Positive word of mouth can go a long way!

If you are still hungry to learn more, then check out the guidelines from Google and Yelp on responding to reviews.