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Aaron, Ken, and I are the founders of PetDesk. As a diverse founding team we each have our own personal story to tell, but on behalf of our company we want to be unequivocally clear. PetDesk stands in solidarity with the Black community and the peaceful demonstrators around the world. 

Black lives matter.

As individuals, we are all processing and struggling with these recent events in our own way. We’re figuring out what we can do to be good allies or how to cope with yet another tragedy in our community. We are motivated to take action and make a positive impact, but don’t yet know exactly what we can do. 

As a company, a team of 71 people, we are having these same discussions. We are grieving for George Floyd, his family’s loss, and the tremendous amount of losses that have come before him. And we are searching for our place in this movement.

We know we stand united in support of our Black team members, their families, and the Black community. We stand for diversity, equality, and freedom to live and work in a safe space. 

We know we stand against racism, systemic oppression, and violence against our neighbors because of the color of their skin. We stand against silence when faced with injustice.

We also know that we can do better in our hiring practices. We can do better in our inclusivity efforts. We can do better in our involvement across diverse communities. We can do better at driving change in our industry.

But we don’t yet know all the ways we as a company can use our voice, our power, and our privilege to make a bigger impact. So we’re here to listen and learn. We’re here to find ways in which we can help lead change in our industry, community, and ourselves.

Aaron, Ken, and Taylor