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With immediate access to information online, we all know most pet parents today will turn to Google for unfiltered medical advice with dubious results.  Discouraging pet parents to stop Googling will only go so far.  Instead, there’s a layer of transformation beneath the obvious that needs to be addressed.  It’s becoming increasingly evident that technology is changing the way we communicate in pet care, but what is less obvious is how it’s reshaping the conventional roles of the veterinarian and pet parent.  

In the past, pet parents went to the veterinarian to resolve their problem of a sick pet.  Today, pet parents see themselves as the problem solver, and they need to be pointed in the right direction by their veterinarian.  This is seemingly small, but it is a significant shift.  Dr. Vogelsang delves deeper into how the veterinarian-pet parent dynamic has changed and how you as a pet care provider can stay ahead of the curve.  

We’re thrilled to share with you veterinarian and author Dr. Jessica Vogelsang’s lecture from Chicago Vet 2019, The Future is Now: Be the Clinic of 2030 in 2020.  Her unique ability to synthesize changes in the veterinary world and convey real-world implications makes this a must-watch for every veterinary professional!

About Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

Dr. Vogelsang is a regular contributing author on sites such as pet360, Good Dog Magazine, Studio One Networks, dvm360, and Petfinder. Her specialty is making complicated ideas accessible to everyone. She has been featured in outlets such as Ladies Home Journal, Outside Magazine, yahoo, and USA Today.  Her first memoir, All Dogs Go To Kevin, was published on July 14, 2015. 

To learn more about Dr. Vogelsang, check out her website: pawcurious.