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Are you looking for some inspiration and ideas for veterinary marketing ideas for July? This month is jam-packed with fun holidays and activities that you can easily tie back to your business. 

Kick off the second half of the year with engaging social media content, promotional events, and blog posts that are informational and enjoyable. To give you a head start, we’ve put together a list of 15 content ideas to help with your clinic’s marketing strategy this month.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for July

1. All-American Pet Photo Day: Prepare for All-American Pet Photo Day by arranging a photo station at your clinic, complete with red, white, and blue props. Encourage your clients to drop by before or after their appointments for a quick snapshot! This presents a wonderful chance to request that clients share their photos on social media, tagging your clinic’s account or location. With their consent, you can then repost their content on your own social media platforms.

All-American Pet Photo Day

2. Everybody Deserves a Massage Week: Ensure that your clinic’s animal chiropractic services or massage therapy offerings (if available) are prominently featured on your services page. Given the specialized nature of these services, it’s important to facilitate easy access for pet parents searching for such care. Additionally, as you update your website, consider creating social media content that highlights the preventive and pain management benefits of massage therapy for pets.

3. Hot Weather Pet Safety Tips: As the temperature climbs, it’s crucial to educate your followers about protecting their pets from the sun’s harmful effects. This includes preventing sunburn, heatstroke, dehydration, scorched paw pads, and other related risks!

Hot Weather Pet Safety Tips

4. I Love Horses Day: For clinics catering to equine patients, ‘I Love Horses Day’ is tailor-made for you! Showcase photos of your magnificent equine clients and discuss the specialized services you offer for them.

5. National Craft for Your Local Shelters Day: Organize a drive to gather handmade essentials required by your local shelters, such as homemade blankets, bandanas, or pet beds. Provide instructions on crafting these items or consider creating a how-to video featuring your clinic’s staff members.

6. National Lost Pet Prevention Month™: Celebrate National Lost Pet Prevention Month™ by emphasizing the significance of microchipping and informing your clients about the process of booking a microchip appointment. Additionally, provide valuable insights on other preventive measures to your followers, aiding them in steering clear of the anguish and sorrow associated with a lost pet.

National Lost Pet Prevention Month

7. National Pet Fire Safety Day: Indulging in s’mores is a beloved summer tradition, often accompanied by fire. National Pet Fire Safety Day provides an ideal opportunity to offer valuable tips on safeguarding pets in case of fire emergencies.

8. National Pet Hydration Awareness Month: This month, spotlight content addressing the importance of monitoring pets for dehydration, the risks associated with decreased water consumption, and suggesting products to encourage adequate hydration. Additionally, ensure that your website’s emergency page is current, providing vital information for pet owners should dehydration become a critical issue.

National Pet Hydration Awareness Month

9. No Pet Store Puppies Day: Today presents another fantastic opportunity to collaborate with your local shelter. Highlight photos of adorable puppies available for adoption and spread awareness about the numerous benefits of welcoming a rescue animal into your home.

10. Parents’ Day: Exciting news alert! Pet parents are now officially recognized on Parents’ Day! Share heartwarming photos of your staff members and clients embracing their furry companions. And if any clients own both the parent and offspring, be sure to showcase these adorable family bonds too!

11. Pet Boarding Promotions: With many families taking extended vacations during the summertime, there is no better time to promote your boarding and pet daycare services if your clinic doesn’t offer to board; team up with a local pet boarding service for cross-promotion.

Boarding Promotions

12. National Shark Awareness Day: Shark Awareness Day coincides with Shark Week, making it an opportune time to spread awareness about shark conservation and offer summer safety tips. If your clinic offers exotic care services and counts domestic sharks among its clients, capture a few photos or videos to showcase your clinic’s diverse range of services on your social media feed!

13. Taking your Pet to The Beach Tips: Your social media feed serves as a valuable resource for pet parents. Utilize our graphic featuring beach safety tips tailored for pets covering packing for a beach day.

Beach Tips

14. National Emoji Day: Leverage your Instagram and Facebook stories to add some excitement to this holiday! Start by posting a photo of an emoji, then follow it up with an animal imitating that emoji. Alternatively, switch the order and engage your followers by asking them to guess which emoji the pet is imitating before revealing the answer in the following story post.

15. World Snake Day: Tailor your social media content to snake and reptile owners. Offer valuable tips on snake care, recommend reptile products, and spotlight any specialized services you provide for exotic animals.

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