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Just saying the word can make you start to itch. Now that spring has sprung and the warmer weather is pushing its way into summer, prime flea season has arrived. The last thing you want for your furry friends is a flea infestation that’s hard to exterminate. Fleas will stop at nothing to survive and infest not just your pets, but your home and your life, too. 

So how much do you really know about fleas? While there’s a lot of information out there about these pesky parasites, we thought the following five facts were not only interesting but help you prevent a flea infestation from even happening in the first place.

Flea Facts

  • Flea “Season” is Year-Round
    While technically the spring and summer seasons are known as “flea season” in North America, flea infestations can happen any time, anywhere. It’s just a matter of the right environment for the eggs to hatch. A random warm day in January or the heat from your house can be enough to start and maintain an infestation.
  • Fleas Are Not Just for Outdoor Pets
    If you think your indoor pets are safe from fleas, think again. Whether your pet lives in the lap of luxury from your couch or likes the adventure of the great outdoors, fleas don’t care where they get to feast on some blood. Fleas can hitch a ride on your shoe and slip right through the front door uninvited.
  • Fleas Jump Around – Far and Wide
    Did you know that fleas can jump up to 200 times their size in order to find a host? That’s almost an incredible 1000 feet in the air if a human were to do the same. To give you some perspective, imagine jumping to the refrain of Cypress Hill’s “Jump” and being able to touch the top of the Eiffel tower.
  • Fleas Lay Their Eggs Lightning Fast
    Where there’s a will, there’s a way. As soon as fleas find a host, they begin to lay the groundwork – and the eggs –  for an infestation. Female fleas can lay around 50 eggs a day and up to 2,000 eggs during their lifespan if left untreated, leaving you with a costly extermination bill.
  • Flea Bites Cause More Than Just Itchy Problems
    Fleas aren’t known as the Purveyors of the Plague for nothing. They can invite a host of problems for your pet and even yourself! Some diseases that can be transmitted include: rash, tapeworm, flea-borne typhus, and yes, the bubonic plague.

Add Protecting Your Pets from Fleas on Your “To-Do” List

Needless to say, as the temperatures start to rise, the threat of a flea infestation becomes more of a reality for you and your pet. Whether it’s a monthly chew, a collar, or a topical solution, choosing the best method can be difficult especially when there are many considerations including: geography, breed, age, and type of immune system. The best course of action to take is to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian using your PetDesk app to talk about what flea prevention methods are best. 

The PetDesk app even lets you set reminders so you’ll be sure to always be in compliance with your furry friend’s treatment whether you need to administer treatment or get a refill. Don’t have the app yet? Download it now so that you and your pet can enjoy your summer happy and healthy!