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It’s summertime, and the living’s easy… when your pets are inside enjoying the A/C! While you may have heard of the Hot Girl Summer trend going on around the Internet, we bet you didn’t know about Hot Pet Summer. Get your furry friends summer-ready for rising temperatures so you can both enjoy the season happy and healthy with these five tips.

Keep Them Cool
It goes without saying, if you’re hot outside, your pets are even hotter. If you must be outside with your pet for long periods of time, make sure you’re keeping them in a shady spot and extra cool with a wet, cold towel around their neck, or with a made-for-pets cooling mat on the ground. You might also want to limit any excessive exercises to avoid heatstroke.

Have Water on Hand
Hydration is important for you – and your pets! Keep water on hand at all times whether in bowls or in a portable water bottle that your pet can drink from. Your pet will thank you later!

Give Them Cool Treats
Frozen treats go a long way in helping your pet feel nice and cool during hot weather days. Your local grocery store will have frozen dog treats in the ice cream aisle, or you can make your own pupsicles by combining simple ingredients you probably already have.

Watch Out for Those Paws
Remember the tip about limiting exercise? Not only will you avoid heatstroke in your pet, you’ll also help prevent burns on your pet’s paw pads. Hot sidewalks and pavement can be painful for your pet if walking on it for too long. If you don’t want to walk barefoot on hot surfaces, your pet doesn’t want to, either! Invest in some booties if you must go outside, and protect those little toe beans.

Know Your Pet’s Limitations
Whether your pet is geriatric or flat-faced (like pugs, Boston terriers, and Persian cats) should not go on any hikes, be left unattended outside, or be kept in a car. Animals that fit this bill cannot breathe efficiently, and stand a greater risk of heatstroke.

Do You Know the Signs of Heatstroke?

We do our best to keep our furry friends healthy, safe, and cool. Knowing the signs of heatstroke could be life-saving. Using this handy diagram below, you’ll see the differences of heatstroke in dogs and cats, but also the many similarities.

What to Do if Your Pet Has Heatstroke

If your pet is experiencing heatstroke, follow these steps in order to cool them down:

  1. Move your pet to a shaded and cool area immediately.
  2. Begin cooling your pet down. The easiest way to cool a dog is to wet them. Pour cool (not cold to avoid shock) water over them. Use a hose or wet towels.
  3. Allow your pet to drink small amounts of cool water.
  4. Get your dog to the vet ASAP. You can continue cooling him with wet towels on the way, but not so much that they start shivering.

For all other health-related visits such as routine visits, medication pick-up, and vaccinations, download the PetDesk app now to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.