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Hot Pet Summer Content Pack

We’re officially in the Dog Days of summer! This summer season has been busy for pets and vets. Between clinics reopening and figuring out what their “new normal” was going to be like, pet parents booking appointments with their vets months out, and emergency visits overloading schedules, it’s no wonder vet staff and pets are exhausted! We want our pets to stay healthy and happy, and we need healthy and happy vet staff to ensure that happens! For “Dog”-ust’s social resource pack, you’ll find ready-made resources you can use on social media and in and around your clinic.

What is in the veterinary resource pack?

This month’s resource pack and loaded with information that is helpful to your vet staff. PetDesk has curated a ZIP file for you to use throughout the month of August, giving your staff one less thing to think about so you can focus your time and attention to your patients’ care. Hot Pet Summer Part 2 contains unique social media posts formatted for instant use on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. (And if you missed Part 1, you can download that here!) These include ready-made copy and hashtags that are appropriate for the subject matter. Also included are posters and client handouts that can be branded or edited in Canva, fun cage cards, and employee review and recognition templates for team morale and engagement!

What are you waiting for? Download the pack today!

Our resource pack is specifically designed to make this content easier to share and access. The hope is you’ll find it a breeze to post useful content that highlights the great work your clinic and veterinarians are doing, and to educate your clients on their pets’ health. At PetDesk, we know you and your vet staff work hard to provide the best care for our pets. We want to be able to not only help you communicate better with your clients with our software, but in other ways that make a big impact, too! So download our Hot Pet Summer Dog Days resource pack today, and let us know what you think!