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At PetDesk, the I.D.E.A. (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Allyship) Team is an employee-organized alliance and safe space for discussion and action around inequalities influencing our country, our industry, and ourselves. PetDesk team members meet monthly to share knowledge in conversation around topics related to promoting social justice and building equitable structures. 

This past December, the PetDesk I.D.E.A. Team held a unique “Giving Exchange” instead of a more traditional office gift exchange. Participants chose two organizations they felt made an important difference in the world for charitable donations. The participants then were randomly paired to share their chosen charitable organizations and make donations to one another’s selected charities.

Our next meeting was spent talking about the different organizations and their work. One participant shared that, “…the PetDesk Giving Exchange was eye-opening. There are several organizations that are positively impacting so many lives. Learning about an amazing local organization sparked my curiosity to find out how I can help beyond donations.”

In total, the group shared twenty-four organizations serving various demographics and causes such as legal services, diabetes support, assistance to underserved communities, childhood cancer, nature conservancies, shelters for domestic violence survivors, language tutoring, coding instruction, food security, and service dogs. 

PetDesk plans to continue growing awareness supporting nonprofits that align with the I.D.E.A.’s initiatives. See the full list of the team’s picks below: 

List of Charities from December 2021’s Donation Exchange: