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When you get the email from your vet advertising their latest special for loyal clients, don’t send the message to the trash! If you do, you’re basically throwing away your hard-earned money. Not only that, but your pet will be missing out on the care that they need to stay healthy and happy. 

Here are a few ways your vet’s loyalty specials can benefit your pet and your wallet. 

3 Ways loyalty specials pamper your pet and your wallet

1. Streamline pet care

If you rely on several online retailers for your pet’s preventative medication, food, and grooming products, it’s time-consuming logging into each account, browsing the products, and placing the order. If your vet is running a special for pet medications, you can place your order through the PetDesk app, make your purchase, and earn points on that purchase. But, while you’re on the app, you can also request appointments for a grooming service, a wellness checkup, and so on. 

2. Earn points toward services and products you already use

It’s recommended that your pet visits the vet once or twice a year to keep an eye out for potential health problems. But chances are, you visit your vet for more than just a regular checkup. 

You might go there for their preventative medications. You might go for routine dental care. You might even go there for regular nail trims and other grooming services. These are all pet care services you could earn points for. 

3. Plan appointments in advance 

It’s not uncommon for clinics to have regular loyalty specials (Senior Sundays, Wellness Check Wednesdays, Dental Care December, etc.) and you can use that to your advantage. Let’s say your clinic has a campaign every Spring for preventative medications. You can stock up on those medications and then use the bonus points you accumulate from that toward Dental Care December. Or you could use points you earned on Senior Sundays to go toward Wellness Check Wednesdays. 

This kind of planning ahead is useful if you’re on a budget but don’t want your pet’s health to be one of those things that you cut back on.

Loyalty specials are your vet’s “Thank You” note

Owning a pet isn’t cheap, we all know this. The average dog owner can expect to spend anywhere from $700 to $1,500 per year just on pet visits. These visits include one or two routine visits, wellness checkups, preventative medication, dental care, and lab tests. If you own a pet from puppyhood to seniorhood, that’s going to add up. 

So, why not use your vet’s loyalty specials to pamper your pet and help ease some of that cost? If the specials are for services and products you already use, it’d be silly not to use them!