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The veterinary industry has made adjustments to the new normal refined by COVID-19 safety regulations. We have been hard at work, updating and improving our product features to meet customer feedback. 

With curbside emerging as a new normal, we prioritized and built features that help save time and phone calls, while keeping the customer at the center.

Curbside Improvements:

Health Service Reminders – Customizable Messages

Many appointments are scheduled with clients who have not been into your practice since you’ve made operational changes due to COVID-19. As these operational changes have no end in sight for many of our customers, we identified the Health Service Reminder message as an opportunity for you to set expectations with clients.

Now, you can add custom verbiage on Health Service Reminders to set expectations with clients immediately. Call your Customer Success Manager today to get this set up today!

Two-Way Messaging 

I – Better Notifications 

You can now control how your notifications for Two-Way Messages are managed. Whether you have multiple team members managing PetDesk tools, or just one staff member assigned, you can customize settings to make it even easier to communicate with every client. II – Blocking Numbers

Sometimes, unwanted phone numbers send messages to business phone numbers. Now your front desk can block those pesky numbers with a handy button. III – Messaging Management

It can be hard to keep up with several Two-Way Messaging conversations at once! We just made it easier by allowing you to mark conversations as ‘Read’ or ‘Unread.’ Now, if you need to remind yourself to respond in a conversation, just mark it unread, so you or a team member can get back to it. We also added a button to make archiving a message that much easier.


Other Upgrades:

PetDesk Loyalty

I – Loyalty Flow

Loyalty programs work best when your clients have a clear way to use their points. Now we’ve made it clearer to clients how to take action on their points by adding a ‘Redeem’ button to their app when they select their points. This way, we drive them to make an appointment when their motivation is high.

Mass Messaging 

Previously, we reviewed each Mass Message sent by our customers; now, we have given you the power to review your own Mass Message with a preview function, and then send it immediately. This is great for any communication that needs to go out soon, like a filtered message to same-day or next-day appointments about a sudden closure, or to send a message out over the weekend.