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Today, PetDesk is releasing two improvements to the client experience! More customization is now available for Mass Messaging, plus improvements to the client experience on many customer websites.

What’s new? 

Mass Messaging Personalization Tags

Personal touch is key in client communication for veterinary practices. And what’s a better way to personalize your clients’ experience than addressing them directly. 

Now you can add tags to address your clients directly by their first name and/or last name according to your clients’ preferences.

Mass Messaging Customizable Greetings and Signatures

Every practice has its own brand voice. Some practices prefer a professional “Dear” and others prefer “Hello” or “Hi”. Some want to address clients formally as “Mrs. Doe” or casually as “Jane.”

Whatever your greeting, however you prefer to sign off – now PetDesk can support you. Customers with admin permissions will find customization options within their Mass Messaging dashboard.

Updated Web Requester 

Practices that choose PetDesk benefit from a suite of client engagement products that generate more appointments for pets and thereby improve pet health outcomes. Clients need frictionless and easy-to-use digital tools – to meet their expectations and to manage the load of phone calls coming in. 

Enter our new web requester! More appealing and even more intuitive than the previous one, this web requester is intended to increase the amount of appointments generated digitally, so you have less inbound phone calls to juggle.