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A sneak peak of our Stress Awareness content pack

April is Stress Awareness Month, and we’re honored to help you take care of your pets and vets with our latest content pack. The pack includes social media posts, checklists, blog posts, and a brand new eBook to help you beat stress and educate your clients on important topics like heartworm prevention and pet first aid. 

We’ve included two useful client handouts with heartworm prevention tips and a list of a pet first aid kit essentials. You’ll also get access to done-for-you social media posts for pet-specific holidays in April, as well as our stress management guide for veterinary staff.

Here’s a brief rundown of what’s in the PetDesk April Content Pack:

  • Ready-to-use social media posts 
  • A handy heartworm prevention checklist to share with your clients
  • A pet first aid kit essentials checklist that can help your clients prepare for emergencies
  • Access to blog posts on pet first aid, heartworm prevention, and stress and compassion fatigue
  • Our new eBook on stress management for veterinary staff
  • A downloadable infographic to help your clients understand why vets are so busy