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Congratulations are in order for three Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine (TUCVM) students who are the recipients of the PetDesk Pre-Veterinary Medicine Scholar (PVMS) Award. TUCVM’s Dean, in consultation with the Department Head of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, serve as Co-Advisors of the PVMS Program in the College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences (CAENS) selected this year’s award recipients. 

Angeleyah Fletcher (Sophomore), Khori Smith (Sophomore), and Isaiah Thompson-Terry (Junior) have each been awarded $2,000 that they will apply to academic requirements and professional development in veterinary medicine. Learn more about the winners: 


Angeleyah Fletcher

Angeleyah is a sophomore at TUCVM and pursuing a degree in Animal Science. At a young age, Angeleyah became enthralled with the idea of caring for animals. Her passion for veterinary medicine stems not only from her love for animals but from an understanding that the need for animal health is crucial to human health, whether for consumption or overall companionship and support. Her recent educational honor of earning the title of Eminent Scholar for the 2020-2021 academic year solidified and encouraged her dedication to ensuring the health of animals and continuing her educational career goal of attending veterinary school. Soon after graduating with a Bachelor of Animal Science degree, she plans to attend veterinary school. Upon earning her DVM, she hopes to practice large animal veterinary medicine and serve her community by doing what she loves.


Khori Smith 

Khori is also a sophomore at TUCVM and is studying Animal Science on a pre-veterinary medicine track. She has a love for animals that began many years ago when she stayed up for hours watching Animal Planet and discovered domesticated and wild animals alike. She spent several summers volunteering at the veterinary practice where she now currently works as a part-time Veterinary Technician intern. This journey has given Khori a holistic view of veterinary medicine and owning a veterinary business. During her time working as an intern at the veterinary clinic, she has learned so much through hands-on experience. Khori has spent many hours shadowing her boss through everyday neutering to more complicated surgeries, and has been able to spend time assisting with setting appointments, giving vaccines, drawing blood samples, and taking x-rays. 


Isaiah Thompson-Terry 

Isaiah is a junior at TUCVM and majoring in Animal and Poultry Science. As a child, Isaiah aspired to become a doctor, but after noticing the large number of stray animals in the community living in deplorable conditions, Isaiah realized he wanted to become a veterinarian at age 12. Although he received numerous offers from other colleges, the only one that he considered and accepted was Tuskegee University. While attending Tuskegee, Isaiah has joined several organizations such as the Marching Crimson Pipers Band, the National Society of Leadership and Success, and the National Association of Black Veterinarians. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree, Isaiah would like to earn his DVM and specialize in lab animal research. 


About the PetDesk Equity in Veterinary Medicine Program

The PVMS Award is part of the PetDesk Equity in Veterinary Medicine Program which began in 2020 and is focused on giving marginalized groups, specifically people of color, better opportunities to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. This program seeks to award 10 million dollars of scholarships and grants to underrepresented minorities in veterinary medicine by 2030.