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A lot of time on your hands is a phrase veterinary professionals like you don’t hear too often. With so much to manage day in and day out—appointments, follow-ups, client and patient information, payment processing—it can be hard to protect your time for delivering excellent patient care.

That’s where PetDesk proudly comes in. From automating appointment management to making checkout a breeze, PetDesk has the veterinary-specific solution to turn your practice into a productive and convenient place for staff and pet owners, leading to a more efficient environment for better pet care. By streamlining processes, reducing workload, and ultimately saving time for your team, PetDesk has the client communication tools to optimize your veterinary operations from the inside out.

Reduced Phone Traffic and Workload for Your Veterinary CSRs

Veterinary-Specific VoIP Phone System

PetDesk Phones—a veterinary-specific VoIP phone system that directly syncs with your practice information management system (PIMS)—is a great way to make your client touch points both more personal and efficient. Equipped with caller ID and centralized access to client and patient data, PetDesk Phones lets you easily see who’s calling and prepares you for the conversation before even picking up. With all the information you need in one place, your staff will be able to give quick and accurate advice over the phone without hunting down information, helping to guide the call along more efficiently while saving time for your team.

Veterinary Payment Software

You can also eliminate time-consuming tasks with veterinary payment software like PetDesk Pay, designed to make your payment processing more accurate and faster than ever. PetDesk Pay has features like Text2Pay that let you request payments directly to a client’s mobile device for easy and convenient invoicing, allowing pet owners to skip the chaotic in-clinic checkout process and pay when it works best for them. Deposit Solicitation is another PetDesk Pay tool that helps you secure your revenue up front from potential no-shows, giving you the ability to request pre-appointment deposits or full payments from pet owners in advance. Even better—with PetDesk Pay, you’ll not only save time for your staff and avoid client friction, but you’ll also save money for your clinic with PetDesk’s competitive rates on transaction fees.

Automated Veterinary Reminder System

More than reducing tedious tasks for your veterinary practice, PetDesk’s veterinary reminder system skips the phone calls and automates the entire appointment scheduling process, preventing no-shows and keeping business running smoothly. Automatically sent two days before their next appointment through text, email, or a push notification from the PetDesk mobile app, these alerts keep pet parents on track of their pets’ health journeys no matter where they are, ensuring pets receive the care they need when they need it. Plus, you and your team will maintain better control of your schedule by decreasing no-shows and last-minute cancellations each day, letting you focus less on troubleshooting and more on providing excellent care to patients.

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Streamlined Communication and Information Sharing With Your Veterinary Clients

Mass Messaging

PetDesk’s Mass Messaging is a great way to alert pet owners about important news, updates, or promotions for your veterinary clinic while saving time for staff. These custom messages are sent through email and the PetDesk app, and can be filtered by client and patient data such as pet parents enrolled in your loyalty program or pets of a specific age or species. This targeted approach ensures your message reaches the right audience every time. Changes in business hours, upcoming holiday closures, discounts and promotions for new or existing clients—whatever message you need to get across, PetDesk’s Mass Messaging does the heavy lifting for you and your team by communicating important information to any number of clients in a few clicks. You can also see how your message is performing by knowing who’s received, clicked on, and opened it, too!

Veterinary-Specific Digital Forms

Our veterinary-specific digital forms replace the pains of paperwork with online forms that are as easy for staff to manage as they are for clients to use. PetDesk Forms simplifies information management by letting you create, collect, and manage all your forms in one place, giving you time back from organizing papers and entering data manually. Pet owners can conveniently fill out their forms online before arriving for their appointment, offering a smoother and more efficient experience for everyone in the clinic. You can also customize your forms to fit your clinic’s brand to create a consistent and trustworthy experience for staff and clients to feel confident about.

Veterinary Two-Way Texting Platform

PetDesk’s Two-Way Texting tool makes it easy for your veterinary team to communicate with pet owners right from their mobile devices, whether they’re at home or out running errands. Ask and answer questions, send and receive photos, check up on pet friends, collect payments, and manage prescription refill requests all through the comfort of text messaging. Two-way texting lets your staff communicate efficiently and when it’s more convenient for them, saving everyone time from lengthy phone calls. With all the callbacks and confirmations your team is responsible for each day, adding two-way texting could save your practice up to 12 hours a week!

Veterinary Mobile App Designed for Pet Parents

Designed for convenient and transparent veterinary care, PetDesk’s veterinary mobile app lets pet owners self-serve any time of the day—meaning less tedious touchpoints and more time back for your team. Instead of making unnecessary calls and trips to your clinic, clients can view prescription information, access medical records and lab results, request appointments and receive reminders, get notified when it’s time to pick up their pet, and so much more directly from their smartphones. All of that, without having to dial your clinic. Meanwhile, your staff will enjoy a centralized platform for storing and managing client and patient information, ensuring every team member is on the same page each day. More than driving efficiency, you can also use our veterinary mobile app to drive revenue for your practice by offering in-app promotions and discounts to pet owners, encouraging them to keep coming back for more services.

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Improved Scheduling and Workflow Management for Your Veterinary Clinic

Real-Time, 24/7 Veterinary Online Booking Platform

Offering a way for pet parents to schedule appointments anytime on any device is another great time-saving technique. PetDesk Booking is an real-time veterinary online booking platform that helps reduce your veterinary team’s workload by letting clients book appointments 24/7. This means, instead of calling to schedule a visit, pet owners can use the PetDesk app or go to your website to see an accurate view of your calendar whenever they need to, and can only schedule an appointment in the time slots you’ve made available. Using an accurate, automated appointment scheduling platform like PetDesk Booking helps to prevent scheduling errors, saving even more time for your team from untangling double-booked appointments and other operational headaches. Online booking is a simple way to enhance your veterinary experience, keeping pet owners happy and your staff focused.

Integration with Practice Management Software

PetDesk multiplies your clinic’s efficiency by working with many known PIMS, directly syncing your PetDesk tools with your client and patient information. This ensures all the information you need is in one place, which reduces manual data entry and the risk of errors. Rather than only storing important information in your system, you can use PetDesk to get more from your PIMS with a mobile app, text, video, and email for quick and convenient communications. It’s also easy to add PetDesk software to your existing practice management system, meaning you’ll have little to no downtime when onboarding with us. 

Solve Your Veterinary Challenges With PetDesk

PetDesk’s veterinary-specific solution makes your staff more productive through streamlined operations and reduced workloads, giving more time back to your team for excellent client service and better patient care. With less interruptions and all the tools you need to boost your clinic’s efficiency, adding PetDesk to your operations will provide an upgraded veterinary experience that’s more enjoyable and convenient for everyone. See for yourself how saving time for your team with PetDesk can change the way you operate for the better!

Time Management and Your Veterinary Team FAQs

Q. How does PetDesk reduce phone traffic and workload for veterinary customer service representatives (CSRs)?
A. PetDesk reduces phone traffic and workload for CSRs through its veterinary-specific VoIP phone system. This system syncs directly with your practice information management system (PIMS), providing caller ID and centralized access to client and patient data. This enables staff to handle calls efficiently, giving quick and accurate advice without needing to search for information, thus saving time and improving service quality.

Q. How can PetDesk’s payment software streamline our payment processing?
A. PetDesk Pay, PetDesk’s veterinary payment software, streamlines payment processing by enabling features like Text2Pay, which allows you to request payments directly to a client’s mobile device. This facilitates easy and convenient invoicing, allowing pet owners to pay when it suits them best. Additionally, Deposit Solicitation helps secure revenue upfront by requesting pre-appointment deposits or full payments, reducing no-shows and saving time for your staff.

Q. What is the benefit of PetDesk’s automated veterinary reminder system?
A. The automated veterinary reminder system helps prevent no-shows by sending appointment reminders via text, email, or push notifications through the PetDesk mobile app two days before the appointment. This ensures pet owners stay on track with their pets’ health schedules, reducing last-minute cancellations and allowing your team to maintain better control of the clinic schedule.

Q. How does PetDesk’s mass messaging feature save time for staff?
A. PetDesk’s mass messaging feature allows you to send custom messages through email and the PetDesk veterinary mobile app to alert pet owners about important news, updates, or promotions. Messages can be targeted based on client and patient data, ensuring the right audience receives them. This saves staff time by automating communication for changes in business hours, holiday closures, promotions, and more.

Q. In what ways do PetDesk’s digital forms improve efficiency?
A. PetDesk’s veterinary-specific digital forms replace paper forms with online forms that are easy to create, collect, and manage. Pet owners can fill out these forms online before their appointment, which reduces the time staff spend organizing papers and entering data manually. This not only speeds up the process but also enhances the client experience.

Q. How does PetDesk’s two-way texting tool benefit veterinary practices?
A. PetDesk’s two-way texting tool allows staff to communicate with pet owners efficiently through text messaging. This platform enables the team to ask and answer questions, send and receive photos, manage prescription refill requests, and collect payments—all through text. It reduces the need for lengthy phone calls and can save your practice up to 12 hours a week.

Q. What are the advantages of PetDesk’s real-time, 24/7 online booking platform?
A. PetDesk’s online booking platform allows pet owners to schedule appointments anytime, reducing the workload on your team. By offering real-time appointment booking through the PetDesk app or your website, clients can view available time slots and book appointments at their convenience. This reduces scheduling errors and helps prevent double bookings, saving time and enhancing the overall efficiency of your clinic.

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