PetDesk’s two-way messaging saves practice 12 hours a week

Keep scrolling to see how a practice saved their team time by switching manual callbacks and confirmations to text.

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Weekly Hours Saved by Two-Way Messaging

Monthly Hours Saved with Automation

Increase in Incremental Revenue Over 7 Months


Client Text Message Response Rate


Clinic Overview

Care-Pets Animal Hospital, located in Sellersburg, Indiana, is a mixed animal veterinary practice offering a variety of services including diagnostics, surgery, dentistry, and laser therapy. With so much activity happening at the hospital on a day-to-day basis, Care-Pets needed a partner that could provide time-saving relief for their staff and increase their efficiency so that they could provide exceptional care for clients and their pets. 

The Problem:
More phone calls means leaving and receiving more voicemails 

Like many veterinary practices, Care-Pets relied on phone calls as their primary method of communication with their clients to relay pet health updates, appointment reminders and confirmations, and test results. Of these phone calls, more than 70% went straight to voicemail, with very few callbacks from clients. 

Upon learning about PetDesk, Care-Pets’ longtime Practice Manager, Todd, found that PetDesk’s mobile app and Two-Way Messaging capability could bring significant positive changes to his practice in how they communicate with clients. For one, the mobile app would offer Care-Pet clients access to their pets’ health records instantly, and the Two-Way Messaging capability would allow his staff to replace outbound phone calls and help eliminate unreturned voicemails. 

“Two-Way Messaging has saved our team so much time for callbacks and confirmations!”


Practice Manager

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12 hours

The Solution: Less time on the phone, more time with clients

Days just before COVID-19 impacted the U.S., the Care-Pets staff received a speedy, customized training session with the PetDesk team, and the practice was up and running. “The setup process was easy as pie!” said Angel, Lead Veterinary Technician at Care-Pets.

As the practice adapted to curbside appointments, the entire staff used Two-Way Messaging to manage their call volume with the easy-to-use tool.

“The setup process was easy as pie!”


Lead Veterinary Technician

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Care-Pets staff estimates Two-Way Messaging alone saves at least two hours every day for a total of 12 hours per week.

The Results: Multiple hours of time-savings each month and a significant ROI

Before PetDesk was implemented, only 30% of phone calls reached clients without having to leave a voicemail. Now, with PetDesk’s mobile app and Two-Way Messaging capability, about 80% of texts are answered by clients within minutes. What’s more is that the Care-Pets staff estimates Two-Way Messaging alone saves at least two hours every day for a total of 12 hours per week.

Automated communication for appointment reminders and confirmations via text and email has also saved the staff time in order to provide better care for their clients’ pets. In just one month, the Care-Pets team saved an astounding 19 hours!

Within just the first seven months of using PetDesk, these significant time-savings capabilities generated a total of $163,260 incremental revenue.

At PetDesk our mission is to extend the lives of pets so when we see an increase in incremental revenue and time saved by staff because of the technology we’re able to offer our customers, we shout it from the rooftops. If you’re looking to increase revenue, save your staff time, and increase overall staff satisfaction, book a demo with our team today to see how our two-way messaging can do just that.

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