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When built efficiently, forms are a simple way to quickly capture and organize client and patient information. But if filling out a form is time consuming and complicated for a pet owner, then you’re risking a poor clinic experience that could impact your workflow and patient care.

Veterinary-specific digital forms promote an exceptional experience for clients and staff through enhanced efficiency, improved satisfaction, and streamlined operations. From new patient information to medication refill requests, we’ll discuss a few ways a veterinary digital form builder takes your clinic to the next level and provides convenience for everyone.

1. Skip the Wait and Boost Veterinary Efficiency

No matter how inviting your clinic’s lobby is, an anxious pet parent won’t enjoy spending more time in it than they need to. Not to mention that trying to keep close control of their pet while filling out important information only adds to their anxiety and invites errors.

Veterinary digital forms let pet owners share all of their information online before they visit your clinic. So, by the time the client walks in for their appointment, your team already has all of the necessary details to provide high-quality care for their pet, without making them wait in angst. This helps prevent a crowded clinic packed with eager clients, and frees up time for your staff to ensure patients are getting the quick and attentive care they need without the wait.

2. Reduce Errors and Follow-Up Communication

When a pet parent hands over their completed forms to your veterinary team, they feel relieved that they’ve done everything you’ve asked, and expect to see a doctor shortly. However, if your staff can’t read some of the client’s handwriting, then they’ll have to spend additional time confirming the details, ultimately risking data errors and delaying the care that the pet needs.

By having pet owners fill out their pets’ information through digital forms, you’ll eliminate time-consuming obstacles like illegible handwriting. Your team will clearly see the pets’ health details exactly as they were entered online, saving time from additional follow-ups and back-and-forth communication. Digital forms offer a faster, easier way to share crucial patient information without your team having to manually enter data or guess what something says, helping to avoid errors and delays from informational mix-ups.

3. Added Convenience for Veterinary Clients

As you know, forms provide a quick and easy way for owners to share all the information veterinary teams need to care for their pet. But it won’t feel quick and easy to pet parents if they can’t access or start using the forms prior to walking into your clinic.

Veterinary digital forms let your clients fill out their information anywhere, anytime and on any device that has access to the internet. Rather than waiting until they arrive for their appointment, digital forms provide an added level of convenience for pet parents by bringing the form to them wherever they may be—at home, running errands, or on the way to your clinic. Time is valuable in the daily life of pet care, so empowering pet owners with access to digital forms to speed up the pre-appointment process goes a long way in creating a more convenient experience for your clients and staff.

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4. A Paperless Veterinary Practice 

Keeping up with physical files and forms requires a lot of time and energy from you. When critical client and patient information isn’t where it should be in your clinic, it takes even more effort to try tracking it down manually.

Veterinary digital forms not only provide your team with easy access to organized information, but also help to ensure a cutter-free clinic. By going digital, you’ll be able to leave the piles of paperwork in the past and save your team the effort of manually sorting through client and patient information. That’s because it’ll be easy to view and keep track of all the details you need, so you can skip the panic of a misplaced patient form and have peace of mind that everything is digitally accounted for.

Plus, you’ll be able to promote environmental sustainability while creating a streamlined experience for everyone. That means less trees and trash, and more happy people in your practice.

5. Personalized Veterinary Client Communication

You and your veterinary team are a reflection of the quality of care you provide at your clinic, which is why it’s important to engage with new and existing clients in a way that best supports them and their pets’ health. 

Veterinary digital forms help you maintain a personal level of communication and care by using conditional logic, meaning you can personalize the questions on your forms based on the different responses from clients. This improves your communication with pet parents by making them feel like their pets’ specific needs are being addressed from the right team of experts, and that they’re not alone in their pets’ health journeys. Whether it’s for medical history or consent to treatment, your clients will enjoy personalized forms that instill trust and confidence in your practice, encouraging them to view you as their long-term partner in care rather than a one-time service. 

6. Automated Veterinary Reminders and Alerts 

One of the greatest benefits of a veterinary digital form builder is the ability to integrate your forms directly into your clinic’s operations. This means you’re able to automate alerts to keep pet parents informed and engaged with their pets’ health journey anytime, anywhere.

Automated alerts are great for reminding pet owners about their upcoming appointments, which will keep them on track with their pets’ health needs while preventing no-shows and last-minute cancellations for your business. Your team will also enjoy the time they get back from having to manually send out these reminders, so they can focus more on the pets in their clinic without worrying about future patients showing up for their appointments. More than appointment reminders, automated alerts are also useful for things like medication refills as well as post-operative care instructions.

A veterinary digital form builder improves satisfaction for everyone, enhances efficiency, and streamlines your operations, making it an essential tool for providing a new level of convenience in your clinic. Veterinary digital form builders—like PetDesk’s Forms—meet pet owners and clinic staff where they are through speed, accuracy, accessibility, personalization, and automation. Make the switch to PetDesk’s digital form builder to make life easier for your clients and staff, while bringing your quality of patient care to new heights.

Veterinary Digital Forms FAQs

Q. How do veterinary digital forms enhance the clinic experience for clients and staff?
A. Veterinary digital forms promote an exceptional experience by streamlining the process of capturing and organizing client and patient information. They reduce wait times, minimize errors, and enhance overall efficiency, allowing staff to focus on providing high-quality care without the administrative burden.

Q. Can digital forms really save time during clinic visits?
A. Absolutely. By allowing pet owners to fill out their information online before their visit, digital forms ensure that all necessary details are available upon their arrival. This eliminates the need for clients to spend extra time in the clinic filling out paperwork, reducing stress for both the pet owners and the clinic staff.

Q. How do digital forms help in reducing errors and follow-up communication?
A. Digital forms eliminate the risk of illegible handwriting and incomplete information, which are common issues with paper forms. This ensures that the clinic staff can accurately capture and review patient details, reducing the need for follow-up communication and minimizing data entry errors.

Q. What convenience do digital forms offer to pet owners?
A. Digital forms can be filled out anytime, anywhere, on any device with internet access. This flexibility allows pet owners to complete necessary paperwork at their convenience, whether at home or on the go, enhancing their overall experience and ensuring they are well-prepared for their clinic visit.

Q. How do digital forms contribute to a paperless veterinary practice?
A. By transitioning to digital forms, your clinic can significantly reduce the reliance on physical paperwork. This not only helps in keeping your clinic organized and clutter-free but also promotes environmental sustainability. Digital storage of patient information ensures easy access and tracking, preventing the loss of critical data.

Q. In what ways do digital forms improve client communication and engagement?
A. Digital forms with conditional logic allow for personalized questions based on client responses, making pet owners feel that their pets’ specific needs are being addressed. Additionally, automated alerts and reminders for appointments, medication refills, and post-operative care keep clients engaged and informed, fostering long-term relationships with your clinic.

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