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Are you looking for some inspiration and ideas for veterinary marketing ideas for March?  We’ve got you covered! March is filled with fun social media marketing holidays and activities that can easily be tied back to your business. Plus, it’s Pet Poison Prevention Month! Make your clinic shine with engaging social media content, promotional events, and informative blog posts. To get you started, here are 12 content ideas to enhance your clinic’s marketing strategy this month and delight pet owners.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for March

1. Pet Poison Prevention Month: Focus your efforts this month on raising awareness about everyday toxins, poison prevention tips, and emergency information for pet owners. Educate pet parents on the signs of pet poisonings and specific toxins for both dogs and cats.

Pet Poison Prevention Month

2. Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month: Celebrate Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month by sharing adorable photos and heartwarming stories of rescued guinea pigs, highlighting the importance of adoption and proper care. Encourage your followers to share their own guinea pig adoption stories and provide tips on caring for these delightful pets.

3. National Pig Day: On March 1, celebrate pigs and showcase the joy they bring. This holiday is celebrated in the United States and most often observed in the Midwest. National Pig Day is a perfect opportunity for veterinarians who care for pigs to highlight their special patients.

National Pig Day

4. National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day: Celebrate the treat beloved by both humans and dogs! Ask for photos of pets enjoying (pet-safe) peanut butter and use this day to educate clients about the dangers of xylitol poisoning.

5. K-9 Veterans Day: Honor canine members of the police force and military on March 13. Share stories and facts about these heroic dogs to show appreciation for their service.

“The guard dog was incorruptible; the police dog dependable; the messenger dog reliable. The human watchman might be bought, not so the dog. The soldier sentinel might fall asleep, never the dog. The battlefield runner might fail … but not the dog, to his last breath, would follow the line of duty.” -Ernest Harold Baynes, Animal Heroes of the Great War

6. St. Patrick’s Day: St. Patrick’s Day, the death date of St. Patrick (Ireland’s patron saint), is  celebrated every year on March 17 with parades, distinctive meals, music, dancing, drinking, and more. Observe this day by asking followers how lucky they feel to have their pets and encourage them to share themed photos and stories.

St. Patrick's Day

7. Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere): Celebrate the first day of spring! Share tips on parasite prevention, fun local walks, and the promise of warmer weather.

8. International Day of Happiness: Animals bring so much joy into our lives and today is a great day to ask your followers and clients to share the happiness their pet’s bring them. Make sure to highlight moments where team members or clients have gone above and beyond as well!

International Day of Happiness

9. National Puppy Day: On March 23, honor the joy, affection, and devotion puppies bring to our lives. Encourage followers to share puppy photos and engage with their adorable content.

10. Earth Hour Day: Participate in Earth Hour, organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature, by promoting environmental consciousness both in and outside of your clinic. This event is held every year in the last week of March, calling on individuals, communities, and businesses to shut off non-essential electric lights for an hour at 8:30 p.m. as a sign of devotion to the environment. Share what your clinic does to help the environment and encourage others to join in.

Earth Hour Day

11. Respect Your Cat Day: Today is a great day to strengthen the bond with your cat. Encourage cat owners to learn something new about their cats and improve their care and share tips on creating a peaceful and harmonious home for their feline friends.

12. National Take a Walk in the Park Day: Celebrate this glorious day by sharing tips for safe and stimulating walks. Encourage followers to share their dog’s reactions to walk time and highlight pet-friendly parks in your area. Today is a great time to mention any leashes or gear your clinic carries.

National Take a Walk in the Park Day

We’ve provided the ideas; now it’s time to create and schedule your content! For even more convenience, let our team handle your content creation. Our content plan customers receive custom graphics and scheduling tailored to their audience, driving traffic to their site!

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