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Need some veterinary social media inspiration for May? We’ve got your veterinary clinic covered with a guide to add to your marketing plan. This month is jam-packed with fun social media marketing holidays and activities you can easily tie back to your business, including Chip Your Pets Month, National Pet Month, Lyme Disease Prevention Month, and more. 

Make your clinic stand out this month with engaging social media content, educational checklists, and blog posts that are informational and enjoyable. To give you a head start, we’ve compiled a list of 17 content ideas to help with your clinic’s marketing strategy this month that should delight and draw engagement from pet owners.

Veterinary Marketing Ideas for May

1. Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month:

May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. While many humans know what their allergy symptoms entail, they may not know what to look out for in regards to their pet. Educate your clients on common signs of pet allergies so they can keep their pet’s comfortable all year long.

Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

2. Be Kind to Animals Week:

While being kind to animals is (and should be) a year-round thing, animal shelters will hold special events around this week each year to raise awareness about animals in our homes and communities while celebrating the bonds we share with them. 

3. Chip Your Pets Month:

May is Chip Your Pets Month meaning it’s the perfect time to educate your clients about the importance of microchipping their pet. Encourage your clients to microchip their pet with this educational social post.

Chip Your Pets Month

4. Dog Anxiety Awareness Week:

Anxiety in dogs can be challenging to deal with and it is important that pet owners know how to soothe their pup in its time of need. Share helpful calming tips via your social media account and help pet owners build a better bond with their dog, even on challenging days.

5. Endangered Species Day:

On the third Friday of May, people all around the world celebrate Endangered Species Day. Celebrate these beautiful creatures by educating your clients on the importance of protecting them and even sharing ways people can take action to ensure they live safe and healthy lives.

6. Happy Victoria Day:

Enjoy the day and wish your client base a Happy Victoria Day on May 20th this year. 

7. National Heat Awareness Day:

With the summer months approaching, it is important to educate your clients on heat safety and the warning signs that their pet is overheating. Celebrate National Heat Awareness Day by sharing our educational checklist to help clients and their pets beat the heat.

National Heat Awareness Day

8. International Chihuahua Appreciation Day:

Celebrate these pint-sized pups and their undeniable charm and playful spirit with a fun social post this May.

9. Lyme Disease Prevention Month:

May is Lyme Disease Prevention Month and dedicated to bringing awareness to and educating people on this disease. Use this time to educate your clients on how they can protect their beloved pet against this dangerous disease.

Lyme Disease Prevention Month

10. Memorial Day:

In the United States, Memorial Day is a national day of mourning for Americans who have lost their lives while serving in the military. Today is a day of remembering and honoring, so make sure your messaging reflects that.

11. Mother’s Day:

Dedicate a moment to spotlight the incredible mothers within your clinic team. Sharing photos and brief team bios can user engagement but also foster a deeper connection, allowing patients to better understand and appreciate your clinic’s unique character and values.

12. National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day:

Are you clients prepared for an emergency? It is important that when preparing for an emergency situation, pet parents include a pet-specific plan. Provide your clients with information on what to do and how to prepare for an emergency.

National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

13. National Dog Mom’s Day:

While Mother’s Day is dedicated to human moms, let’s not forget our beloved pet moms who deserve recognition too! Let’s celebrate them on this special day by encouraging them to share selfies with their furry companions, spreading joy as we admire the adorable bond between pet moms and their pets.

14. National Nurses Day:

There’s no limit to celebrating and appreciating your exceptional veterinary nurses, so seize every opportunity to showcase their dedication and excellence by sharing their photos, stories, and memorable moments across your social media platforms. Engage your clients by inviting them to share their cherished experiences with a nurse from your clinic, and be prepared to be inspired by the heartfelt stories that emerge. You can even plan ahead by creating graphics featuring your nurses’ photos to enhance the impact of your tribute.

15. National Pet Month:

Every May, the United States observes National Pet Month, a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the invaluable companionship and joy that pets bring to our lives. Embrace this month to honor and highlight the furry, feathered, or scaled friends that enrich the lives of your clinic staff.

National Pet Month

16. Happy National Receptionist Day:

In addition to their many responsibilities, receptionists serve as the vital gatekeepers of the clinic. Seize the chance to showcase your outstanding reception team and illustrate to the world what sets them apart and makes them truly exceptional.

17. National Rescue Dog Day:

National Rescue Dog Day on May 20th symbolizes a pledge of love, companionship, and empathy. Each year, countless animals, especially dogs, face abandonment and find themselves homeless. Many of these animals were born into sheltered environments and struggle to adapt to life outside. Let’s honor the clients who have opened their hearts to rescue pets, providing them with a loving home, and acknowledge the wonderful bond they share with the pets we care for.

National Rescue Dog Day

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