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Did you know veterinary software built for client communication can benefit your practice? Effective communication with clients is essential for any veterinary practice in order to provide high-quality care for your furry patients. However, phone calls and emails are time-consuming and often not the most convenient option for busy pet owners.

This is why comprehensive veterinary client communication software is an excellent option for a secure, user-friendly platform and app that makes it easy to share pet health information, schedule appointments, and send reminders to your veterinary clients. Keep reading to learn more about the details of veterinary software for your clinic.

What is veterinary client communication software?

This digital tool allows you to keep in touch with your clients and provide them with personalized, timely information and care for their pets. Moreover, it can help streamline the workflow of your clinic’s tasks, such as phone calls, payments, medication refills, and more, and free up time for your staff to focus on providing quality care to your patients.

By syncing your existing PIMS with a solution such as PetDesk, you become entitled to some of its unique features and benefits, including:

More time for your veterinary staff

Offering services such as appointment requests or booking, payments, and digital forms can save staff time so they are able to provide clients with a better experience and dedicate more time to patient care.

Through appointment requests or direct online booking, your staff can allow clients to request or book appointments in the time blocks of their choosing. Plus, through the PetDesk dashboard, you can confirm those appointments in just a few clicks vs. picking up the phone.

With our payment solution, staff members can take payments whenever it doesn’t make sense for the client to pay in person. Notifications can be sent via SMS, email, or push notifications so your staff isn’t spending time on the phones. 

Are clients consistently filling out new client and pre-surgery forms in your lobby? With PetDesk’s digital forms, you can say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to a more streamlined workflow with a platform that allows you to create, collect, and manage forms all through one dashboard. Send forms beforehand so clients and staff can enjoy a more efficient in-clinic experience.

Enhanced veterinary appointment schedules

Veterinary software such as PetDesk allows you to achieve a schedule that is more predictable and profitable by sending not only reminders but also targeted campaigns and promotions.

Our health service reminders help keep your schedule full and predictable by reminding clients when their pets are due for routine or preventative services. Reminders can be sent via SMS, email, push notification, or postcard, and clients can select the method of their choosing, ensuring that stay on top of their pet’s health.

Alert clients of promotions or share important business information via mass messaging. Send messages via email or push notification to specific segments of your client base, including out-of-compliance clients, and even receive data about who received, clicked on, or opened the message.

Another way to keep your schedule predictable is by offering your clients a customized veterinary loyalty program. The availability of a loyalty program increases the frequency of visits and encourages your patients’ owners to return to your clinic more (sometimes up to 3 times more) for their pet’s health and well-being. It allows you to boost lifetime value and retention rates, increasing client engagement, revenue, and overall satisfaction of both you and your visitors.

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A single veterinary app for your clients 

Your clients receive an all-encompassing app that connects them with your clinic so that they can make informed decisions regarding their pets’ health. Rather than going to Google or Facebook, they’ll use the app to go to you, allowing you to assume a more proactive role in guiding and advising your clients, resulting in better patient care.

PetDesk offers North America’s leading veterinary mobile app that helps you engage with your clients around the clock. Give clients the ability to manage their pet’s health from their mobile device with the ability to access their pet’s medical records and prescription information, request appointments, receive reminders and pet pick-up notifications, purchase pet insurance, view promotions, and more.

Streamlined communication with veterinary clients

Client communication software streamlines communications that create a better experience for staff and clients. By offering effective and efficient ways of communicating, clients get the answers they need without taking additional time away from staff.

With two-way texting, clients can text you with questions that otherwise would have required a phone call and staff can respond when its convenient for them. PetDesk’s texting service offers the ability to manage messages directly from the dashboard and even allows your team to collect payments via Text2Pay. 

Looking to upgrade your phone system? With PIMS-integrated smart VoIP, your team can identify new and current customers via helpful and actionable information at every call. Impress your clients and help your staff be more efficient with real-time information that allows your staff to address client inquiries promptly. 

Increased compliance at your veterinary hospital

Appointment compliance is an essential way to ensure pets are getting the care that they need and deserve. Additionally, it plays an important role in elevating client satisfaction, fostering loyalty, and ultimately contributing to the revenue growth of your clinic.

Through an automated reminder system, your team can reduce no-shows by reminding clients of upcoming appointments. Clients can choose the reminder method of their choice – SMS, email, push notification, or postcard – and even confirm if they are coming or need to cancel if they are received digitally. Reminders are sent 2 days prior to the appointment and can be customized with relevant pre-appointment information where needed. 

Looking for additional ways to reduce no-shows? Utilize Text2Pay and Deposit Solicitation to collect deposits for new client appointments, upcoming surgeries and procedures, and prescription refills. 

What is the best client communication software for vets?

With different types of veterinary software programs that offer a variety of features, it can be challenging to choose the one that’s best for your clinic. However, you can rest easy knowing that PetDesk provides the tools and information you need to connect with clients and grow your practice.

Our software is compatible with most PIMS, including AVImark, Cornerstone, DaySmart, ezyVet, ImproMed, Intravet, Pulse, and many others. Reach out to us today and take your practice to the next level!

The Benefits of Veterinary Software for Client Communication FAQs

Q. What is client communication software for veterinary clinics?
A. Veterinary software for client communication is a digital tool designed to keep practitioners connected with clients, providing personalized information and facilitating tasks such as appointment scheduling, payments, and medication refills for their pets.

Q. How does client communication software save time for veterinary staff?
A. By offering services like appointment requests, online booking, and digital forms, veterinary software such as PetDesk enables staff to efficiently manage tasks, allowing them more time for providing quality patient care and improving the overall client experience.

Q. What unique features and benefits can be obtained by syncing with PetDesk?
A. Syncing with PetDesk provides unique features like appointment confirmation through the dashboard, streamlined payment solutions, and the use of digital forms, reducing manual data entry and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Q. How does veterinary software contribute to enhanced appointment schedules?
A. Veterinary software, including PetDesk, helps maintain a predictable and profitable schedule through health service reminders, targeted campaigns, and promotions. Clients can receive reminders via various channels, and the software supports mass messaging for promotions and important business updates.

Q. How can a loyalty program integrated into veterinary software impact a clinic’s revenue and client engagement?
A. Offering a customized veterinary loyalty program through the software increases client engagement, boosts lifetime value, and encourages more frequent visits. This, in turn, contributes to revenue growth and higher overall satisfaction for both the clinic and its clients.

Q. What benefits does a single veterinary app for clients offer?
A. Clients receive a comprehensive app, like PetDesk’s leading veterinary mobile app, allowing them to manage their pet’s health, access medical records, request appointments, receive reminders, purchase pet insurance, and more. This centralized platform enhances client engagement and decision-making.

Q. How does client communication software streamline communication with clients through texting and smart VoIP?
A. Veterinary software streamlines communication through two-way texting, allowing clients to ask questions conveniently. The software’s texting service also facilitates payment collection via Text2Pay. Additionally, PIMS-integrated smart VoIP provides real-time information during calls, enhancing efficiency and impressing clients.

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