The Best Customized Loyalty Program for Veterinarians

Boost retention and client revenue with a customized veterinary loyalty program.

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PetDesk’s Veterinary Loyalty Program

Veterinary clinics use PetDesk’s custom veterinary loyalty program to keep their clients coming back for more care. PetDesk customers that create Loyalty programs don’t just see clients book more frequently. Well-done Loyalty programs can also increase client spend by over 35% – per client!

“It’s worked really well for us. Clients tell others to go to our clinic because of our rewards program. It’s something that keeps them coming back. That’s why I shop where I get my gas… because they have rewards. It works for pets and hospitals as well.”

Michael S.

Practice Manager, Family Pet Health

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With a Loyalty program, your clients will earn points every time they visit your clinic.

Customizable veterinary loyalty program

Clients can keep track of their points in the PetDesk Mobile App, and points can be redeemed for anything you’d like: from discounts on service to free nail trims, to clinic-branded tennis balls.

Veterinary loyalty program increases annual revenue by $122k

See how this practice was able to use client loyalty as a revenue generator.

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revenue increase across all clients

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Customized Veterinary Loyalty Program FAQs

How can PetDesk's Customized Veterinary Loyalty Program boost retention and client revenue for clinics?

By creating a customized Loyalty program with PetDesk’s Loyalty Program, clinics encourage clients to return for more care, leading to increased client bookings and, on average, over a 35% boost in client spend per visit.

How does the Veterinary Loyalty program work, and how do clients earn points at veterinary clinics using PetDesk?

In the Loyalty program, clients earn points every time they visit the veterinary clinic. This system incentivizes repeat visits and fosters client loyalty. Clients accumulate points that can be tracked conveniently in the PetDesk Mobile App, encouraging continued engagement with the clinic.

What makes PetDesk's Veterinary Loyalty Program customizable, and how can clinics tailor it to their specific needs?

PetDesk’s Loyalty Program allows clinics to choose the rewards clients earn, whether it’s discounts on services, free nail trims, or even branded items like clinic-branded tennis balls. This flexibility ensures that the Loyalty Program aligns with the clinic’s goals and branding.

How do veterinary clients keep track of their Loyalty points, and what can these points be redeemed for?

Clients can easily keep track of their Loyalty points using the PetDesk Mobile App. The points earned can be redeemed for a variety of rewards based on the clinic’s choosing, providing clients with choices. This flexibility enhances the overall client experience.

How can clinics reward clients with PetDesk's Veterinary Loyalty Program, and what are some creative options for rewards?

Clinics can reward clients using the Loyalty Program in various ways. Rewards can be handled like any other discount or freebie at the point of sale. Some clinics offer discounts on routine services or free nail trims while others opt for creative rewards like branded tennis balls, turning their Loyalty Program into a unique and memorable experience for clients.

Can PetDesk's Veterinary Loyalty Program be seamlessly integrated into existing clinic operations?

Yes, PetDesk’s Loyalty Program is designed for seamless integration into existing clinic operations. Clinics can handle Loyalty rewards like any other transaction at the point of sale by simply selecting the reward and marking it redeemed in the dashboard, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for staff and clients.