Launching an easy veterinary loyalty program in just 2 phone calls

How a clinic launched a customizable loyalty program in just two calls

A DVM lightly holding a cat on a treatment table in the exam room

Phone Calls to Set Up

Clients Have Opted In

The Problem: Potential improvement looked appealing, but set up seemed laborious

Located right outside Washington, D.C., Just Cats Clinic’s clients were tech-savvy, busy commuters who needed a convenient and easy way to communicate with the hospital. This is why Dr. Elizabeth got PetDesk years ago for her practice; she met client demands and enjoyed a boost in Google reviews.

But there was still the familiar problem with inconsistent revenue—Just Cats Clinic experienced a consistent seasonal dip in April, and Dr. Elizabeth was looking for a way to combat this. PetDesk’s Loyalty Program appeared to be a solution, but she was reluctant to upgrade.

With other vendors, she had experienced their tendency to over-promise and under-deliver in terms of implementation’s ease and speed. “I was hesitant to tack on any other new thing to ask my staff to deal with,” she said.

“With most programs, new add-ons are not as well integrated as loyalty is with PetDesk…”

office manager

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300+ Opt Ins

The Solution: Clinic trusts their contact at PetDesk; implementation took two calls

While at a veterinary conference in D.C., Dr. Elizabeth and her team once again considered the PetDesk loyalty program. They took advantage of the show discount and upgraded right at the booth. Because of previous interactions, Dr. Elizabeth trusted her Customer Success Manager at PetDesk to make implementation a breeze. She scheduled a setup call as soon as she returned from the show.

“It was delightfully simple. I was a little anxious because I’m super busy,” explained Dr. Elizabeth, “I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare or think about what we were going to offer. My Customer Success Manager made it very simple.”

Borrowing some insights from another feline-only practice using the PetDesk Loyalty Program, the Customer Success Manager pre-built a program based on Dr. Elizabeth’s vision for her practice’s Loyalty Program.

After some final adjustments, the Loyalty Program was ready for a name, and Purrfect Points was born. Genevieve, Just Cats’ office manager, was then trained on using the Loyalty Program. Genevieve quickly grasped the value and mechanics. “With most programs, new add-ons are not as well integrated as loyalty is with PetDesk,” she explained. Training the staff was “pretty easy and seamless.”

“It was live in two weeks, and that was only because I asked PetDesk to wait for a certain time. It was not a month long process–it was very quick and easy.”

Dr. Elizabeth

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The Result: With minimal work by staff, clinic is up and running with Loyalty within the month

Less than two hours on the phone and three days later, the program was ready to launch so her clients could access their Purrfect Points. The surprising speed and ease delighted Dr. Elizabeth.

“It was live in two weeks, and that was only because I asked PetDesk to wait for a certain time. It was not a month-long process—it was very quick and easy.”

Four months after Just Cats Clinic launched the program, more than 300 cats and kittens have owners who have opted into Purrfect Points with more being added every day!

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