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The only veterinary-specific VoIP phone solution with a direct PIMS integration

PetDesk Phones Features

Introducing PetDesk Phones

Effortlessly wow clients and staff through streamlined communication with PetDesk Phones (previously Kontak). PetDesk offers the only phone system that seamlessly integrates with your practice management system nestled neatly within your PetDesk dashboard or as a standalone product. With the ability to quickly identify incoming callers, your team can easily access pet and client data during phone calls so they can deliver exceptional service while optimizing your staff’s time and workflow.

Client happily sitting in the lobby with their dog

Boost Veterinary Client Experience

By presenting patient information in real-time, front desk staff can cultivate an outstanding service experience that nurtures client relationships. Imagine being able to answer the phone with “Hey Susan, great to hear from you! How’s Baxter doing?” Instead of “Thanks for calling XYZ Clinic, how can I help you?” Creating little moments for your pet parents will keep them happy and coming back!

Improve Veterinary Staff Efficiency

PetDesk Phones guides staff through each phone call, shortening each conversation, and leaving more time to do other important tasks. Imagine when a client calls being able to see their name, pet’s name, and other important details of their recent visit, so you’re no longer asking them to repeat themselves. Big time saver!

Two veterinary technicians working together to prep a dog for surgery
CSR using PetDesk while on the phone at the front desk

Increase Veterinary Clinic Revenue and Compliance

Equip CSRs with pertinent patient and client information in real-time, like overdue pet vaccinations and outstanding balances, allowing your staff to recommend additional services and bolster compliance and revenue. Imagine a pet parent calling about a medical question for their pup, and while you’re able to navigate their question, you can also remind them to bring Baxter in for his rabies vaccine. Tie two loose ends at once!

We sync with your PIMS

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  • Complete Clinic
  • Cornerstone
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  • DVM Manager
  • DVMax
  • ezyVet
  • Hippo Manager
  • HVMS
  • ImproMed Infinity
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  • IntraVet + IntraVet SQL
  • Provet Cloud
  • Rhapsody
  • RxWorks
  • Shepherd
  • Stringsoft
  • Triple Crown
  • cloud iconVetspire
  • V-Tech Platinum

PetDesk Phones FAQs

What is PetDesk Phones and how does it benefit veterinary hospitals?

PetDesk Phones is a comprehensive VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system designed specifically for veterinary hospitals. By integrating our system directly with your PIMS, It streamlines communications, enhances staff and client experiences, and includes tools tailored to the unique needs of veterinary practices. 

What is a PIMS integrated phone system?

A PIMS (Practice Management System) integrated phone system is a sophisticated communication solution that connects directly with your veterinary clinic’s management software. This integration allows for seamless access to pet and client data during phone calls, enabling personalized and efficient interactions. By integrating with PIMS, clinics can enhance client satisfaction, improve staff efficiency, and streamline operational processes, making it an essential upgrade for modern veterinary practices.

How does PetDesk Phones enhance client experience in veterinary clinics?

PetDesk Phones dramatically improves client experience by instantly providing staff with caller information and patient details as soon as they answer the call. This immediate access to data allows for personalized greetings and informed service, making clients feel valued and well-cared for. The system fosters trust and encourages repeat visits by ensuring each interaction is tailored to the client’s specific needs and their pet’s health history.

Can integrating a Smart VoIP phone system with PetDesk Phones really drive revenue and compliance in my clinic?

Absolutely. Integrating a Smart VoIP phone system with PetDesk Phones turns routine interactions into opportunities for revenue generation and compliance improvement. The system provides real-time access to patient and client information, enabling staff to proactively address healthcare needs, recommend services, and follow up on overdue treatments. This not only boosts compliance but also uncovers opportunities to offer additional services, directly impacting clinic revenue and patient care quality.

What is Smart VoIP, and how does it benefit veterinary clinics?

Smart VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an advanced communication technology that uses the internet to transmit voice calls, instead of traditional phone lines. For veterinary clinics, Smart VoIP offers numerous benefits, including clearer call quality, reduced communication costs, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with Practice Management Systems (PIMS). This integration allows for a more efficient, secure, and customizable communication experience, meeting the unique needs of veterinary practices and enhancing both client and staff satisfaction.

How does PetDesk Phones integrate with the PetDesk Dashboard?

This integration means that whenever a call comes in, your team has instant access to a wealth of information directly on the dashboard. We’re talking appointment histories, medical records, and even personal notes about the pet and pet parent. It streamlines the process, making it super easy for your staff to provide a tailored service. Plus, it’s all happening in real-time, ensuring that the info is as up-to-date as possible. 

What is the significance of 24/7 live chat in veterinary communication, and how does PetDesk's solution cater to this need?

66% of clients prefer getting answers through chat rather than phone calls. PetDesk Phones include a 24/7 live chat feature, where trained agents handle inquiries specific to veterinary organizations day and night. This ensures continuous communication and support for clients outside regular business hours.

How does PetDesk's solution contribute to improving the digital experience and reducing phone calls for veterinary clinics?

PetDesk Phones engages clients on web and social platforms through chat or SMS, reducing the need for traditional phone calls. PetDesk agents handle client needs immediately, including booking appointments and providing instant confirmations online when appropriate. This not only reduces staff workload but also enhances the overall digital experience for clients.

What sets PetDesk Phones apart from traditional phone systems in veterinary hospitals?

PetDesk Phones replaces the outdated “Flintstones’ phone system” with modern VoIP technology. It goes beyond basic communication by integrating with PIMS, offering live chat support, and providing actionable information during calls. The solution is tailored to the specific needs of veterinary hospitals, impressing clients and improving staff efficiency.

How can PetDesk Phones help veterinary clinics attribute marketing campaigns accurately and manage their online reputation?

PetDesk Phones ensures accurate attribution of marketing campaigns by integrating with Practice Management Systems. Additionally, the system assists in managing online reputation by providing real-time information during calls, allowing clinics to address client inquiries promptly and maintain a positive digital presence.

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