How We Help Practice Managers

When your clinic can look like the wild west due to the hectic liveliness of pets and people alike, it can be difficult to multitask. With PetDesk client engagement tools, you can hire and retain staff, enhance client communication, and provide the best support to staff and patients with ease.

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Accessible Client Connection

When you provide clients with the ability to reach you through multiple channels- text, email, messages, and more, you can easily mitigate call volume, miscommunication, and client frustration.

Reliable Support

Our team is always prepared to deliver comprehensive support when you need it. With us, you’re the priority.

Compatible Technology

PetDesk software is compatible with 20+ Practice Management Systems. Leverage our technology to personalize, integrate, and elevate your existing solutions.

Easy-to-Use Solutions

Your job is complicated enough. You’ll have tails wagging with technology that is so convenient, a cat could use it!

Empowering You and Your Veterinary Staff

Overall, very user-friendly and straightforward. User-friendly interface; appointment scheduling and cancellations are simple.

- Orange Veterinary Hospital

Are You Ready to Change the Lives of Your Staff and Pets?

Talk to the team today to see how we can streamline your communications, empower your practice, alleviate emotional burden, and more.

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