We’re Compatible with Your PIMS

We’re Compatible with Your PIMS

PetDesk is an extension of your existing practice management system. Easy to implement and quick to sync, our platform gives you all the client connection features you’ve been nosing around for. A boost so powerful — it’s like giving your PIMS a case of the zoomies.

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PetDesk Syncs With:

Advantage AVImark + AVImark SQL


Complete Clinic



Cornerstone Cloud ☁️

Covetrus Pulse ☁️

DaySmart Vet ☁️

DVM Manager



Hippo Manager ☁️


ImproMed Infinity

ImproMed Equine

IntraVet + IntraVet SQL




Triple Crown

V-Tech Platinum


Easy and Fast Customized Onboarding

Easy and Fast Customized Onboarding

We know that your Veterinary Practice is busier than ever these days which is why we have done the leg work to work to ensure compatibility with a large majority of the Veterinary Practice Management Systems out there. This allows us to not only deliver all of the features you would come to expect from an industry-leading client engagement software but also allows us to ensure that there is little to no downtime when getting started with PetDesk. We have supercharged Veterinary Clinics in as little as 2 phone calls and 15 minutes!

Teach that Old Dog New Tricks

Practice management systems are primarily designed to house medical information — often leaving behind messaging functionality. PetDesk adds modern app, text, video, and email communications for quick, seamless client connection. Together, PetDesk and your PIMS are practice-efficiency perfection.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Once synced, PetDesk shares information with your management system, creating a complete solution for your practice.

Easy Setup
Easy Setup

You’ll be up and running — and fully customized — within hours. Don’t sweat the details, it’s all on us.


Get staff up to speed with individualized training plans ‘tail’ored to your needs.

Full-Service Support
Full-Service Support

Live chat and phone support ensures you make the most of PetDesk. Never hesitate to give us a howl.

Check Your PIMS Status

We are always expanding and improving

PetDesk is continually adding integrations. Don’t see your system? We may be working on it now. Enter your information and we’ll notify you when it’s ready.

I got so excited about PetDesk. I knew it would fit well into the practice. My clients prefer to communicate in a manner that PetDesk allows. That’s the preferred method of my front desk staff, as well. It’s a two-way street.

- Dr. Ashley Jones