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The Problem: Transient and young clientele not responding to postcards or phone calls 

Dr. Ashley Jones had a unique problem. Her newly purchased practice, Valley Veterinary Clinic, located in rural, upstate New York, has an uncommon client base. Most of her clients are stationed at nearby Fort Drum, a military base. Unsurprisingly, her clientele was predominantly younger and less likely to have a long term physical address. 

She had a list of things to tackle to improve and grow the practice. High on that list was solving her client retention problem. In February of 2018, the practice still relied on postcard reminders, and appointments were scheduled and confirmed over the phone. 

“I felt an app would be more accepted and welcomed by my clients, given their demographics,” Dr. Jones observed. 

Because of all of the other big changes Dr. Jones was putting her clinic through, the app had to have a simple and easy implementation. 

The Solution: A simple-to-use tool for clients and staff to modernize the practice 

Dr. Jones learned about PetDesk in an online forum for practice owners. 

As she looked further into PetDesk, she found that it offered all of the features she was looking for: reporting, reminders, and an instant way to connect with clients via text, push notification and email, alongside the traditional postcards. 

Anticipating the normal software implementation which can take months and disrupt staff workflow, she felt reassured by product reviews that PetDesk’s setup would be seamless into a clinic like hers. 

“That’s why I got so excited about PetDesk. I knew it would fit well into the practice. My clients prefer to communicate in the manner that PetDesk allows, texts, and that’s the preferred method of my front desk staff as well. It’s a two-way street.” 

The Results: The easiest software implementation the clinic could have imagined 

To say implementation of PetDesk was a breeze would be an understatement. 

Two calls are required for PetDesk to get set up at a practice. The training went just as Dr. Jones had hoped. 

“Within 15 minutes, everyone could use it and began loading patient history, finding patient records, that sort of thing.” The two calls required to set up the entire system and prepare for deployment were completed in 1 hour and 6 minutes. 

“I feel as a practice owner, I’ve received a great value from what we’re doing with PetDesk and what we’re spending on it monthly, especially how it lets us reach out to clients. And the clients find value in it as well because it’s free to them, something they’re interested in having, and they view it as a solution.” 


Within 15 minutes, everyone could use it and began loading patient history, finding patient records, that sort of thing.

- Dr. Ashley Jones DVM and Owner