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Your veterinary clinic would be nothing if it weren’t for your clients. You may have new clients come in from time to time, sure… But it’s the clients who brought their puppy in for their first checkup through senior pet exams that truly make your clinic successful. 

How do you let your clients know that you appreciate their continued patronage without losing money? The PetDesk Loyalty Program is a great way to say, “We appreciate you.” Since it’s completely customizable, you might struggle to come up with ideas for loyalty program specials that actually boost revenue instead of losing money because you’re discounting services. 

We’re here to help. We have 5 successful ideas for loyalty program specials that boost revenue and still show clients just how much you appreciate them. 

1. Specials for online prescription requests

The pet pharmaceutical industry is worth about $30.8 billion dollars, and a large portion of it goes to online retailers – Amazon claimed $2 billion of that in 2017. Don’t let huge corporations take away your profits. You could run a special that would reward clients with bonus points when they purchase their pet’s prescription medications through your clinic via the PetDesk app. 

2. Preventative care specials

Similar to the specials for online prescription requests, you could run a campaign for preventative medications. Or, you could run a special specifically for flea and tick medications during the spring and summer. You could run a special during April for Heartworm Awareness Month. The possibilities are endless.

3. Specials focusing on dental health

Dental care isn’t something pet owners really think about, so why not run a special that brings awareness to dental care? You could offer bonus points for dental cleaning that clients can redeem for something in the future. Those bonus points could then be used in a future visit toward discount services or consumables.

February is Pet Dental Health Month, so this would be a great special to run for the entire month.

4. Specials targeted to specific types of patients

Your client base is probably quite extensive, so why not run targeted specials for specific types of patients? 46% of cats that should be going to the vet aren’t being taken in, so you could run a special for the entire month of September for International Cat Month. Your clients can receive bonus points on any procedure or cat-related product they purchase throughout the month of September. November is National Senior Pet Month, so you could run specials on the services that address typical areas of concern for our elderly pets

5. Boarding and grooming specials

If applicable, you could run a campaign for common grooming services like nail trimming, sanitary trims, or ear cleaning. You could offer bonus points for these services or offer discounts on pet shampoo, brushes/combs, clippers, and so on. In terms of boarding, you could run a special where clients can earn bonus points for each night their pet is under your care. If your clinic doesn’t offer boarding services, perhaps you could partner with a local pet boarding house. 

These are just five ideas for loyalty program specials that have worked in the past. There are so many other ways you can customize your loyalty program. If you want to run specials based on pet holidays throughout the year, here’s a great list to refer to.