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Communicating with pet owners can be a daily challenge in your veterinary practice. When a client is hard to work or communicate with, it can quickly turn a pleasant work day sour—not only impacting the clinic’s workflow, but also the quality of care for your patients.

PetDesk has the solution to tackle the challenge of difficult client interactions by offering convenient products and tools—like a pet health mobile app, automated reminders, online booking in real time, and much more—designed to make communication easier for you, your team, and your clients.

We’ll dive into the different ways our veterinary client communication software meets pet owners where they are, providing an efficient experience for everyone while promoting better patient care. 

Efficient Veterinary Communication, Effective Care

You’re the expert at your veterinary practice—meaning you have the professional insights and services to provide pet owners and patients with. But if you can’t efficiently communicate important information to your clients, your quality of care won’t be as effective, either.

PetDesk’s Two-Way Texting lets pet parents easily send and receive information right from their mobile device, without having to schedule a visit or talk on the phone. It provides convenience and avoids friction by ensuring clients and staff can communicate the information they need to when they need to, like favorable lab results or prescription refills. When a pet owner does need to stop by the clinic, Two-Way Texting offers convenient curbside check-in and pickup options, even providing the ability to send and receive PDF files, videos, or photos. This added level of convenience gives pet parents peace of mind that you value their time and their pets’ health, strengthening the personal connection between clients and your team. Meanwhile, your staff enjoys less phone calls and more time back for patient care.

Need to communicate with more than one client at a time? Our Mass Messaging tool helps you instantly send important information—like monthly promotions or a change in business hours—to any number of clients in just a few clicks. Pet owners can receive these alerts by email as well as by messages or push notifications through the PetDesk mobile app, helping them easily keep up with everything going on at your practice. On your side of things, you’ll see data such as how many clients opened your message, and then use those insights to improve your messaging with our success team.

Two-Way Texting and Mass Messaging help streamline communication and prevent friction by keeping clients in the know, helping to drive revenue for your clinic while providing convenient communication channels for everyone.

Veterinary-Specific Mobile App for Clients on the Go

When a frustrated client calls your clinic for information about their pet, imagine offering them a convenient way to access that information without having to explain the details by phone or schedule an appointment. Better yet—wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to prevent that tense phone call from happening in the first place?

PetDesk’s pet health mobile app does it all for you by giving pet parents easy access to things like health records and lab results anytime, anywhere. No matter where they are or what they have going on, your clients will enjoy a simplified veterinary experience that meets them in the moment, without having to call or plan a visit to your practice. They can also request and confirm appointments, receive important reminders, purchase pet health insurance, set their own list of pet health to-dos, and more. Our mobile app offers a new level of convenience not only for clients, but for everyone in your clinic; pet parents love self-serving through the app, and veterinary teams enjoy the time they get back from lengthy phone calls and follow ups.

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Don’t Forget an Automated Veterinary Reminder System

Failing to remind a pet parent about their upcoming appointment at your veterinary clinic can quickly turn a loyal client into a frustrated one, not to mention the missed opportunity for you to drive revenue and provide quality patient care.

That’s why we’ve designed our automated veterinary reminder system to reach pet parents wherever they are by sending them important alerts through emails, text messages, push notifications from our mobile app, or postcards in the mail. By sending these alerts two days before their scheduled appointment, pet owners can prepare for their visit without feeling stressed or pressured at the last minute. So, the next time you ask an owner to bring in their pet’s urine or fecal sample, they’ll have plenty of time to plan, ultimately helping to optimize the quality of care you provide to your patients. PetDesk’s automated reminder system avoids the mutual frustration of appointment management by easily keeping owners on track of their pets’ health journey, promoting better client compliance and reducing no-shows for your business.

Book Anytime, Anywhere With Online Veterinary Software

If a concerned pet parent needs to schedule an appointment at your veterinary practice, having to wait until your business opens in the morning may leave them anxiously worrying through the night. When they’re finally able to reach you during business hours, your morning routine is quickly disrupted by a frustrated client who only wants the best for their pet’s health.

PetDesk’s online booking takes the appointment-scheduling frustration away by offering pet owners the ability to book an appointment at your veterinary clinic anytime, day or night. Online booking provides clients with an accurate, up-to-date view of your calendar’s availability by directly working with your Practice Information Management System (PIMS), allowing clients to select an appointment slot that’s available in real time rather than seeing what was available five minutes ago. We’ve also designed our PIMS integration to check your calendar twice per booking, meaning you won’t have to worry about double-booked appointments and other scheduling headaches. Clients will enjoy the ease of booking an appointment for their pet whenever they need to, and you’ll enjoy a smoother morning routine without the phone ringing from a frustrated pet owner eager to schedule a visit.

Personalized Care With a PIMS-Integrated Phone System

Answering the phone at your veterinary clinic with a warm and personalized greeting can quickly help calm a frustrated or anxious pet parent inquiring about their pets’ health. PetDesk Phones makes that personalization—and much more—possible by directly integrating your phone system with your PIMS, providing your team with all the relevant client and patient information at the first ring of the phone.

When a client calls your clinic, you’ll immediately see who’s calling and—even though you may not be able to predict why they’re contacting you—you’ll be prepared with all the information you need to offer quick and accurate advice about their pet’s health. This not only sets you up for a personalized interaction each time, but also makes the owner feel like every detail of their pet’s health is being heard and prioritized. Plus, our phone system helps guide staff through each client conversation efficiently, promoting shorter call times and a better experience for everyone. PetDesk Phones keeps you ahead of client communication friction by ensuring each call is personalized, insightful, and supportive, no matter where the client’s pet is in their health journey.

PetDesk’s veterinary client communication software helps turn friction points into delightful interactions through our pet health mobile app, automated reminders, real-time online booking, PIMS-integrated phone system, and more. While it’s important to train your team and equip them with skills like de-escalation and professional customer service, PetDesk has the solution to easily manage difficult client interactions in your veterinary practice by providing an easy way for pet owners and staff to communicate anytime, anywhere.

To see how our products and tools can specifically help you overcome the challenge of difficult client interactions in your clinic, schedule a free chat with a PetDesk expert today! We’ll be happy to show you the efficiency of PetDesk in action while answering any questions you have.

Managing Difficult Clients with Veterinary Client Communication Software FAQs

Q. How does PetDesk’s Two-Way Texting feature help in managing difficult client interactions?
A. PetDesk’s Two-Way Texting allows pet owners to communicate important information conveniently from their mobile devices, avoiding the need for phone calls or scheduled visits. This feature facilitates smoother communication, enabling both clients and staff to exchange necessary details, such as lab results or prescription refills, without friction.

Q. Can PetDesk’s Mass Messaging tool assist in dealing with challenging clients?
A. Yes, PetDesk’s Mass Messaging tool enables veterinary practices to instantly send important information, such as promotions or changes in business hours, to multiple clients at once. This efficient communication method helps keep clients informed and engaged, potentially minimizing misunderstandings and frustration.

Q. How does PetDesk’s pet health mobile app benefit both veterinary practices and clients?
A. PetDesk’s veterinary mobile app provides pet owners with easy access to essential information, including health records and lab results, without the need for phone calls or appointments. This convenience reduces the likelihood of frustrated client calls and empowers pet parents to manage their pets’ healthcare efficiently, enhancing the overall veterinary experience.

Q. How does PetDesk’s automated veterinary reminder system help prevent client frustration?
A. PetDesk’s automated reminder system sends alerts to pet owners through various channels, such as emails, text messages, push notifications for mobile app users, or postcards, ensuring they remember upcoming appointments. By providing timely reminders, this system helps prevent missed appointments and reduces client frustration caused by forgetfulness or last-minute scheduling conflicts.

Q. How does PetDesk’s online booking feature alleviate scheduling-related frustrations for pet owners and veterinary staff?
A. PetDesk’s veterinary online booking system allows pet owners to schedule appointments anytime, day or night, without having to wait for business hours. This real-time booking system integrates with the clinic’s calendar, minimizing the risk of double-booked appointments and streamlining the scheduling process for both clients and staff.

Q. How does PetDesk’s PIMS-integrated phone system enhance client communication and support difficult client interactions?
A. PetDesk’s PIMS-integrated phone system provides veterinary staff with instant access to relevant client and patient information when receiving calls. This personalized approach helps address client inquiries promptly and efficiently, fostering a positive experience for clients and ensuring their concerns are addressed effectively.

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