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A sneak peak at PetDesk's favorite things

Start the new year off right with holiday pet-safety materials and effective business strategies for 2023. 

December is all about sharing our favorite things, so this month’s content pack does just that. We’ve included helpful blog posts and handouts like our pet parent readiness assessment, tips for holiday pet safety, and a comprehensive guide to vetting boarding facilities. You’ll also find practical reads with action items and strategies to help drive business in the new year. 

Discover more helpful materials, like our 10 fail-proof New Year’s resolutions for clinics, free inventory checklists, tips for protecting your business from no-shows, and a guide to utilizing PetDesk’s platform. Also, take advantage of our social media kit to announce clinic closures and holiday celebrations. Don’t forget about the PetDesk 2023 bonus calendar

Take a look at what’s inside: 

  • 4 December social media posts
  • Inventory checklists for clinics
  • A bonus PetDesk 2023 calendar
  • 27 additional pre-made holiday social posts to prepare you for 2023
  • Tips for ending no-shows in the clinic
  • A guide to getting the most out of PetDesk’s platform
  • 10 New Year’s resolutions for clinics
  • A comprehensive blog post to help clients vet boarding facilities
  • Pet-safety tips for holiday and weather hazards
  • A self-guided assessment for pet-parent readiness