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February is fast approaching, which means that Pet Dental Health Month is right around the corner. We know pet parents want to save money whenever possible, and some may even be reluctant to discuss preventative treatments like dental cleanings. According to data published in a market research study, 95% of pet owners brush their own teeth daily, but only 8% brush their dog’s teeth, and only 4% brush their cat’s teeth on a daily basis. That’s a startling finding. Luckily, you have some tools at your disposal to shift their awareness. Let’s start by talking about social media. 

1. Leverage Your Veterinary Practice’s Social Channels 

The great thing about social media is that your clients can come to their own conclusions about a course of action or outcome without the awkwardness of feeling put on the spot. Social channels also tap into all kinds of messaging tactics for different types of media consumers, leading to instant discussion, knowledge-sharing, and a strong sense of community and connection. 

In addition, you can share educational materials in visual formats (and dental pictures don’t lie). There is no better way to convince your clientele of the need to get their pet in for an annual dental cleaning than by proving it, quite literally, with images. While not everyone is keen on seeing periodontitis first thing in their feed, it doesn’t hurt to offer before and after photos following a dental cleaning for the curious pet parent.

Start to utilize your channels by sending out a Pet Dental Health Month newsletter or a promotional email, scheduling posts, or even offering a scannable QR-code discount for first-time dental patients at your front desk upon checkout. There are a bunch of ways to get creative. With PetDesk’s Digital Marketing Platform, powered by WhiskerCloud, you can have the in-house social media and graphic design team of your dreams to create and schedule your Pet Dental Health Month posts. Your team even responds to comments and direct messages on your behalf, so your staff can focus on dental cleanings in the clinic. 

Also, use PetDesk’s Dental Health Month content pack, which includes four free social media posts customized for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — ready to post at your convenience.

2. Utilize Veterinary Digital Marketing

Digital marketing presents a powerful avenue for a veterinary clinic to boost awareness and drive appointments during Pet Dental Health Month. In addition to leveraging your clinic’s social media platforms, running targeted social media advertising campaigns allows the clinic to reach pet owners more likely to be interested in scheduling dental appointments. Leverage your website by creating educational content for clients as well as showcasing any upcoming dental specials that you offer. Plus, by implementing SEO strategies, such as optimizing website content for relevant keywords, you ensure that your clinic ranks higher in search engine results.

With PetDesk’s Digital Marketing Platform, powered by WhiskerCloud, you can get the assistance you’ve been looking for during Pet Dental Health Month. Have our team build you a custom website that includes banners and featured landing pages tailored to Pet Dental Health Month, all with fully integrated SEO. Plus, our experts are here to run full advertising campaigns for your clinic where they can target pet owners searching for dental care or do outreach ads that target pet owners within a specific radius of your hospital.

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3. Deliver the Facts to Your Veterinary Clients

You can’t argue against facts. Pet parents need to understand the risks of neglecting their pet’s dental hygiene, so take the time to educate them on the matter. Set aside adequate time per appointment to go over the stages of periodontal disease after examining their pet’s mouth. 

Explain the following:

  • Periodontal Disease Stage 1: Gingivitis; requires dental scaling, polishing, irrigation, and at-home care.
  • Periodontal Disease Stage 2: Early periodontal disease; <25% attachment loss, requires the same care as Stage 1 but with local antimicrobials and scaling below the gums.
  • Periodontal Disease Stage 3: Established periodontal disease; 25–50% attachment loss, requires periodontal surgery (may include extractions, closed or open-root planing, and tissue regeneration).
  • Periodontal Disease Stage 4: Advanced periodontal disease, with >50% attachment loss; requires extractions, surgery with bone resection or additions, and at-home dental care.

Emphasize the severity of reaching Stage 4 periodontal disease and how it puts their pet at risk of developing kidney, liver, and heart issues. Be blunt and tell them that a significant enough systemic infection from untreated dental disease can take years off of their pet’s life. Not to mention, the longer they wait to address the dental issues and the worse they get, the costlier it will be for them in the end. 

4. Create a Personalized Promo for Pet Dental Health Month

Get creative with your messaging. Whether your clinic uses push notifications, in-app messaging, email campaigns, or other outlets, personalize your dental cleaning reminders in a fresh, creative way, like trying out a new voice or tone in your promotions. 

Utilize PetDesk’s Health Service Reminders to automatically remind your clients when their pet is due for a dental cleaning. Reminders can be sent through a number of channels, including push notifications (for PetDesk Mobile App users), email, text, and postcards, and clients are reminded in a strategic three-reminder cadence to ensure they stay on top of their pet’s health.

Want to send a general reminder or promotion to clients who are due for dental cleaning? With PetDesk’s Mass Messaging feature, you can send custom messages to a specific segment of your client base. Messages can be sent via email and the PetDesk Mobile App, ensuring clients receive your message. 

Here’s a template to get you started. 

Subject: Something to Smile About
Preview text: Good dental hygiene can add years to your pet’s life…


Now is a great time for a fresh start, so we’re sending you a friendly reminder to schedule [PET’S NAME]’s annual dental cleaning. It looks like it’s been [# MONTHS/YEARS] since their last cleaning, but it’s never too late to get scheduled.

Since February is Pet Dental Health Month, we are offering special promotional pricing, including [e.g. a free oral exam].

Call us at [PHONE NUMBER] or select the option below to find an open appointment on our calendar.

CTA: Schedule a Cleaning

— Your friends at [CLINIC NAME]

5. Talk About Financing Options Available at Your Veterinary Clinic

Not every client can afford a complete dental cleaning for their pet, so consider talking to people individually about unique financing options, such as CareCredit or other allowances that your clinic can offer. You might also promote alternatives to a complete dental cleaning, such as “levels” of services. A Level 1 service might include an exam and an at-home care kit. A Level 2 service might include a free exam when combined with radiographs and a complete dental cleaning — the possibilities are up to you, and you know your clients best.

Marketing Dental Month FAQs

Q. How can social media help in promoting Pet Dental Health Month for our veterinary clinic?
A. Leveraging your veterinary practice’s social channels during Pet Dental Health Month is a powerful way to engage and educate clients. By sharing visually impactful content, such as before-and-after photos of dental cleanings, you can effectively convey the importance of pet dental care. Utilize PetDesk’s Digital Marketing Platform to create and schedule posts, newsletters, and promotional emails.

Q. How does digital marketing, especially through PetDesk’s platform, contribute to boosting awareness and appointments for Pet Dental Health Month?
A. Incorporating digital marketing strategies is crucial for reaching a broader audience during Pet Dental Health Month. Learn how PetDesk’s Digital Marketing Platform, powered by WhiskerCloud, can help create a custom website with integrated SEO, run targeted advertising campaigns, and showcase dental specials. 

Q. What key facts should we emphasize when educating veterinary clients about the risks of neglecting their pet’s dental health?
A. To effectively communicate the importance of pet dental care, we need to educate clients on the stages of periodontal disease. Make sure to cover the key points about each stage, from gingivitis to advanced periodontal disease, and emphasize the potential health risks, such as kidney, liver, and heart issues, associated with untreated dental disease. 

Q. How can we create personalized promotions for Pet Dental Health Month using PetDesk’s tools?
A. Exploring creative messaging for dental cleaning reminders is essential. Utilize PetDesk’s Health Service Reminders and Mass Messaging features to personalize promotions and reminders for clients. Reminders can be sent via push notifications, text, email, or postcards while mass messages can be sent via push notifications or email. 

Q. What financing options and alternatives can we offer to make dental care more accessible to our clients?
A. We recognize that not every client can afford a complete dental cleaning. Financing options, such as CareCredit, can be introduced to support them. Additionally, clinics can promote alternative service levels to accommodate varying budgets, such as offering exams and at-home care kits as Level 1 services or combining exams with radiographs for Level 2 services.

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