As the 2021 holiday season quickly approaches, we had a feeling your calendars are filling up more than ever.

November is chock-full of pet health-specific holidays that are important for veterinary hospitals to utilize as educational opportunities for their clients. Use some, or use all of the social media content we’ve curated just for you from pet cancer warning signs to pet diabetes awareness. We’ve not only created social media posts, but added more that will help benefit your hospital and your staff through 2021. In addition to social media, we’ve included printable posters to hang around your office and client handouts and recipe cards that will be sure to surprise and delight! Download our veterinary content pack and start sharing all November long.

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With the PetDesk November Social Media Content Pack, you’ll get: 

  • November-specific monthly holiday posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Access to blog posts regarding signs of pet cancer and Thanksgiving food dos and don’ts
  • Dog and Cat-friendly recipe cards for your clients to celebrate Cook for Your Pet Day
  • Vet staff-specific collateral including our latest eBook on maximizing your veterinarian technicians
Social posts in our November resource pack
Thanksgiving food and dishes

What Thanksgiving Scraps Are Safe for Your Dog to Eat?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to fire up the oven, sharpen the knives, and figure out where you’ll take your inevitable post-dinner nap.

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Practice Manager petting a feline patient

Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets

The prospect of your four-legged family member being ill is frightening enough without the added worry of a cancer diagnosis. However, just as with humans, recognizing the symptoms early and getting your pet to the clinic for treatment is critical.

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