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PetDesk is happy to announce a partnership with PeakSpan Capital, a Silicon Valley-based investment firm. Earlier this month, we received a funding round of $12 million and with this money, our goal is to magnify our impact on pet health. We will boost the interconnectivity of the PetDesk ecosystem to make it easier for veterinary practices and grooming shops to communicate with pet parents and keep them engaged in their pets’ health. 

“A common bond shared across the pet care industry is our passion for pets. As pet owners ourselves, we’re proud to partner with PetDesk and its zealous culture around animals,” said Brian Mulvey, co-founder and managing partner at PeakSpan Capital. “The team at PetDesk has built a unique combination of top-notch software and shareable best practices to enhance engagement between pet owners and a growing ecosystem of providers responsible for care.”

Our Vision for the Future 

Our vision at PetDesk is to generate 10 million additional years of pet life over the next 10 years and have the data to prove it. By monitoring the health information of pets, we can track trends regarding specific breeds, lifespan, and daily habits. This information will enable us to provide pet parents with data-driven insights to help them take a more proactive approach to pet parenting. To achieve this vision, we need to involve as many pet care providers as possible. The more providers we work with, the bigger impact we can make.

What does this mean for veterinarians?

Our expansion into the grooming space is a major benefit for our veterinary customers since it will increase the frequency in which pet parents use the PetDesk App. By being able to connect with other pet care providers, PetDesk app users will find even more value in our mobile app which has been designed to keep pet health top of mind. More app usage will drive compliance with appointments and annual checkups, which translates into more revenue for veterinary practices and better health for pets.

By partnering with PeakSpan, we’ll be able to expand and listen more closely to the needs of our veterinary customers. With our team growing in size, we’ll dedicate more resources to providing extra support and training to our current and future veterinary customers. In the near future, we will be providing updated reporting features, patient filtering tools, and new promotional assets.

What does this mean for groomers?

We are currently in the process of developing grooming software to help keep grooming staff organized, dogs groomed, and clients delighted. We’ve helped thousands of veterinarians connect with their clients, so we want to use similar technology to help groomers achieve the same growth.

By focusing on the clients, the PetDesk technology will help fortify the bottom line of grooming salons through tools like our easy-to-use dashboard, client mobile app, custom reminder and confirmations, targeted messaging, and online review system. Considering how busy pet grooms are, our technology will make client management and communication a breeze so more clients come into a grooming shop with less work.

Right now we are in the first stage of testing our software for groomers and we will continue working to develop a dashboard designed for the unique needs of a grooming business so that groomers can easily manage their business digitally.

What does this mean for pet parents?

By providing scheduling software to both groomers and veterinarians, pet parents will have a more streamlined experience when it comes to managing their pets’ care. The same mobile app that pet parents are currently using to connect with their veterinarian, is the same app that they can now use to engage with other aspects of their pet’s care, such as grooming.

We will continue to focus on client engagement and broaden functionalities of the mobile app so that our app users will have an easy, streamlined user experience as they care for their loved ones. 

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