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Spring has arrived! The nation is anticipating a wide relaxation on COVID-19 protocols as the vaccine rollout continues. 

You and your practice went curbside to meet these protocols. You adjusted and designed a process to work smoothly for everyone involved in an appointment. And now, with the health restrictions lifting, you and your staff are faced with a question: how do we reopen for our clients, if at all? 

There are two questions important for veterinary practices to answer if you’re considering reopening: 

  1. What do my clients want? And do they want it bad enough that they will leave if I don’t answer it? 
  2. What are my fellow industry professionals doing? 

We ran a survey of our customers and their clients to determine both parties’ sentiments about curbside. 

Some Highlights: 

  • 48% of surveyed clinics indicated that they were unlikely or very unlikely to keep providing curbside service. 
  • 24% of surveyed clinics are likely or very likely to keep providing curbside service
  • 73% of surveyed practice reported that curbside appointments have increased their daily workload.
  • 62% of pet owners surveyed have a preference for exam room appointments.