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People love to get things at a discount. The appeal of paying less than the regular price for something is so tantalizing, it’s almost like you’re missing out if you pass it up. While discounts on products and services are great on the consumer side, it’s not ideal for you, the business owner. 

The point of loyalty programs is to increase revenue by encouraging (and rewarding) client loyalty. When you adopt PetDesk Loyalty Specials in your practice, your clients are getting rewarded for their loyalty and you’re not losing money on services rendered in the process. 

What Can You Use PetDesk Loyalty Specials for?

The beauty of PetDesk Loyalty Specials is that you can customize the campaigns to suit your practice. You can use the loyalty specials for pretty much anything.

Pet Medication

Did you know veterinary medicine is dominated by pet pharmaceuticals, valued at $30.8 billion in 2021 and estimated to increase by $20 billion in 2028! You can claim some of that revenue by implementing loyalty specials at your practice. Your clients can use their points when purchasing flea and tick medication, antibiotics, antihistamines, and more from you – a trusted source – rather than buying from an online retailer who could send expired medications. 

Specific Services

A popular use of PetDesk Loyalty Specials is dental services. Instead of discounting the services, you structure the special to reward clients with bonus points. Or, if your clinic experiences slow periods throughout the year, you could offer specials that encourage clients to come in. This could be grooming services, boarding or training services (if applicable), and so on. 

Target Specific Patients

Then, you can also customize your loyalty specials for specific patients, such as running campaigns targeting specific species (cat-only special) or age-range (specials for senior pets), for example. You could also run specials specifically for preventative care. Not only would this encourage clients to make sure their pets are up to date with all shots, but they can pick up flea and tick medication, heartworm preventative medication, or complete regular wellness checkups. 

Drive Business with PetDesk Loyalty Specials 

Although PetDesk Loyalty Specials can go a long way in driving business and increasing revenue, your clients will view them as reminders of all of the things they should be doing to keep their pets healthy. 

When they get an email notification letting them know that you’re running a special on pet grooming, for example, instead of going to a local groomer or doing it themselves, they can come to the clinic, get their pup’s nails trimmed and gain bonus points toward a reward. Or, if they normally get preventative medications through an online retailer, they can order the medication during your special campaign to earn bonus points. 

Using PetDesk Loyalty Specials streamlines your client’s life and lets them earn points for doing the things they normally do. Instead of having separate accounts for a groomer, a pet medication delivery service, etc., you will become the go-to for all of their pet needs. It’s a win-win for everyone.