8 Mass Message Ideas at Your Veterinary Practice
Veterinary Communication & Efficiency Apr 14, 2021

8 Mass Message Ideas at Your Veterinary Practice


PetDesk Mass Messaging is useful when you need to send messages to more than one client at a time. Many technologies offer similar features. 

There’s a lot of time you can save with a technology like this –  features like templates, filtered audiences, and automatically populating the address line and signature can all unlock big time savings for you and your team.

Whichever tool you have, and however you initially planned to use it, here are some of the top-performing types of messages with examples that PetDesk’s Customer Success Managers have gathered:

#1 Unexpected Closures

Some clinics close more than others, but most general small animal practices have experienced a sudden closure and likely found themselves asking: “What do we do about the appointments tomorrow?” 

Create your message, filter for those clients with an appointment during the closure, and send them something like this:

Subject: Closed for Inclimate Weather

Due to the weather impacting our community, our practice will be closed [dates]. We need to reschedule your appointment, so expect a call from our staff in [timeframe].

To contact us, feel free to call our number or send us a text at [practice number]. If there is an emergency, [emergency directions].

If you’d like to request a new time right now, [link]click here[link] to request a new appointment.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused, and look forward to seeing you when the weather passes!

#2 Special Hours

Some clients – especially loyal ones – will internalize your hours. Save them the heartbreak when they reach your voicemail, and let them know ahead of time about any hours updates – like your holiday hours, for instance.

Subject: Happy Holidays! [Practice Name]’s Holiday Hours

Hope you are feeling that holiday spirit – we certainly are! Please check your pet’s medications and food supply and let us know if you need a refill.

To make sure our team can spend some quality time with their families (both human and pet), we will have altered hours below:

[Date]: Hours

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your pet. We are so appreciative of each and every one of you.

#3 Flea and Ticks

Clients rely on your practice to provide them with the most accurate veterinary advice. When it comes to the most common parasites, Dr. Google can lead pet parents astray from local or pet-specific recommendations. Save your clients time and save your patients from the bite by sending a message with your recommendations before clients look to Dr. Google:

Subject: We love the warm weather – but so do ticks!

Spring is here! It’s warmer, which means we need to be on the watch for ticks! Ticks wake up when the temperature is above freezing and immediately start looking for their first meal. Unfortunately, that could be our pets.

Ticks transmit diseases like Lyme disease to our dogs, and to us. Our clinic offers tick protection for dogs in the form of a chewable tablet (and a Lyme disease vaccine to be extra safe)! We also have tick protection for cats! Contact us for more information.

#4 More app users / more loyalty users

It’s hard for a client app to be helpful if no one has it! If your app is useful for them, it’s an easy sell – pet parents today want to ensure their pet is getting the best care possible – from you and from them. Use this template to invite more people to download the app and engage your clients.

Subject: Take a look at our new app!

Did you know we have a mobile app for our practice now? Pet owners report it’s helped them take care of their pets and made communication with us a breeze. You can track your pet’s vaccine information, request appointments, track to-do’s with your pets, and more!

Download it for free by clicking this link: [link]. You’ll be glad you did!

#5 Announcement

If you have a big announcement for your clients – or a subset of your clients – let them know! In addition to that social media post, add a mass message to reach the clients that don’t check your website or Facebook regularly.

Subject: Exciting news from [Practice Name]!

We’re excited to announce that a new veterinarian has joined [practice name]!


Dr. So-and-so loves hiking and fishing when she’s not taking care of your beloved pets! She has ____ years of experience caring for animals and will be a fantastic addition to our medical team.

Learn more on our Facebook by clicking here! Maybe at your pet’s next appointment, you’ll get to meet her!

#6 Dental Promotional Message

When you decide to run a promotion, people need to know to take advantage! Don’t rely entirely on your Facebook or website – only frequent clients will see this. Use filters and think outside the box. Maybe a dental special, offering loyalty program points to owners of senior dogs – or an incentive to get people back in who haven’t been in for two years!

These are just two examples of how a practice can use the tool to promote a timely offer:

Subject: Back to School Bundle

Getting children prepared for class? Get your furbaby prepared, too!

During the month of August, we’re bundling a deal for your pets. Dogs can receive their rabies, distemper, heartworm test, and fecal check for $150. Our feline friends can get their rabies, FVRCP, and a fecal check for $100.

Request an appointment or give us a call. The back-to-school bundle is only available in August!

#7 Back to school bundle

Subject: Special discount at [Practice Name] this month!!

Did you know that by their second birthday, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease? If you notice their breath is not so fresh, that may be the first sign.

That’s why every February, we offer discounts on our dental services. Spots fill up fast, so make an appointment today and get your furry friend’s teeth cleaned!

#8 Insurance

If you’re a PetDesk customer, you may have heard about the new Pet Health Insurance feature in the PetDesk app. If you’re a practice that prefers your clients to be insured and able to access the best care your hospital can provide, you should promote that – plus you get more app users!

Subject: Discover pet health insurance in the PetDesk app!

We know our clients care a lot about their furry friends and want them to live long, happy lives. Getting pet insurance can help ensure you are prepared for the unexpected in their life.

Pet insurance is simple; receive treatment, file a claim with your insurance company, and get reimbursed.

Now, in the PetDesk app, you can learn about pet insurance and explore different plans for your pet. You can compare what’s covered, customize your plan, and take the next step towards proactive planning.

Open the PetDesk app to get started! If you have not yet downloaded PetDesk, just search the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or click the download link in this email. Once you’re in the app, go to the Pets tab and click Discover Pet Insurance.

And there we have it! Tailor these templates to your practice and you’ll begin to see even more opportunities to use the tool. If you’re a PetDesk customer, ask your Customer Success Manager for some assistance setting up your templates – they’re happy to help!

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