Retain Your Clients

Retain Your Clients

Delivering the best pet healthcare can be an emotionally and financially taxing experience. Establish client trust and ensure their return with our client retention features.

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PetDesk Loyalty

Foster client loyalty with PetDesk’s custom-tailored loyalty program. Boosting client retention and lifetime value results in a positive effect on revenue, client engagement, and overall clinic satisfaction. Happy pet parents make for better pet care!

Campaigns & Promotions

Have a specific promotion or business message you need to get out? Segment your messaging by client base or patient details with our mass messaging solution. Not only that, you can get data on who received the message, clicked on, or opened it too!

Lost Client Finder

If your clinic struggles to keep tabs on clients who haven’t stayed compliant, you’ll love PetDesk’s Lost Client Finder, which automatically emails clients who haven’t had an appointment for 18+ months. You can even customize it to include an incentive, increasing the likelihood that those clients schedule an appointment.

PetDesk Postcards

No need to manually write and send postcard reminders to clients. With PetDesk Postcards, choose from a library of postcard designs and we’ll handle the rest!

Clients know they’ll be getting some dollars off, so they’re more willing to do the bloodwork or buy the joint supplement because they know they can redeem their points and save money now and in the future.

- Dr. Nichole Crainick DVM, Medical Director Lake Emma Animal Hospital

How Clinics Use Loyalty to Drive Revenue

Like many veterinary clinics, Lake Emma wanted to increase client loyalty, and improve patient compliance. While competition was fierce, Lake Emma realized they could partner with PetDesk to curate a unique loyalty rewards program that motivated clients to keep coming back. After only one month, the hospital saw an impressive increase in revenue due to the loyalty program.

Are You Ready to Change the Lives of Your Staff and Pets?

Are You Ready to Change the Lives of Your Staff and Pets?

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