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Doesn’t it feel like almost every business has a loyalty program? From airlines to makeup companies, from coffee shops to bookstores, they all reward their loyal customers somehow. And, for the most part, these loyal customers get perks like free products, discounts, bonus bucks or miles, or free shipping. 

It’s a common misconception that loyalty programs cause businesses to lose money, rather than generate revenue. However, that’s not how they’re intended to work. According to an article published by Harvard Business Review, “too many companies treat [loyalty programs] as short-term promotions or specials of the month.” 

These types of programs are designed to entice new and existing customers to try a new service or product, which only generates a small fraction of the potential value that could be earned. On the other hand, when loyalty programs are designed to build loyalty, you’re encouraging newer customers to behave like long-term customers. 

How Can the PetDesk Loyalty Program Benefit Your Clinic?

The PetDesk Loyalty Program isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of program. You can customize the program so that it works for your practice. You choose how the program works. You design it where your clients earn points to be redeemed for services or discounts on products. The rewards can cost little to nothing, but in the end, it’s all up to you!

At the end of the day, the PetDesk Loyalty Program is here to help boost client engagement and increase revenue while still customizing the program to your business. Use your dashboard’s loyalty report to see which rewards your clients utilize the most or least, and work with the PetDesk team to tweak the program as you see fit. r

Benefits of the PetDesk Loyalty Program

One of the biggest benefits of using the loyalty program is that it increases the usage of the app. Since your clients need the PetDesk app to enroll in the loyalty program, you’re going to help your team’s efficiency and increase their time management. Instead of taking calls for appointments, your staff can focus on in-person customer interactions and giving clients the best experience possible. 

Another benefit is those loyal members who use the app are going to spend more money and they’re going to be more engaged. They’re going to look through the app to find products and services that they want to spend money on so they can earn that next reward. 

The loyalty program also increases client compliance. It’s an engagement tool and when you send notifications or reminders, clients will pay attention. It’s going to help them remember that Fido is going to need their rabies shot soon and will make an appointment. It’s going to help them remember to bring their kitten back for the next round of shots. And you know what that means… They are going to remember to make the necessary appointments, which can be done right through the app. 

The last benefit is that you can market your clinic against other vet clinics in your area. People don’t expect their veterinarian to have a loyalty program, so when they see that you do, well… That’s just one more reason for them to come to you – other than your great reputation, of course. 

Customize Loyalty Specials to Work for Your Practice

The loyalty program is a great start, but you can sweeten the deal for your clients by introducing loyalty specials. With our loyalty specials, you can customize any promotion you have running in your practice. It can be for any services or products you’d like – it’s totally customizable. 

To use the loyalty specials, you’ll get to set the beginning and end date of your promotional campaign. It doesn’t matter how long you want the promotion to last – the typical promo runs for four weeks, but you can certainly make it go longer! You’ll be able to tell us how many extra points clients can receive on top of the points they’re already getting for that particular transaction. 

Who doesn’t love getting extra points for something they’re already doing? We know we do and so will your clients!

The final thing you can customize is what kind of transactions will apply to the entire campaign. If you’re running a dental special, for example, you can designate which services, like a dental cleaning or purchasing a particular brand (or quantity) of dental treats, qualify for bonus points.  

Adopting the PetDesk Loyalty Program Is Easy!

If you’re interested in adopting the PetDesk Loyalty Program, you’re in for a treat. Implementing the Loyalty Program is super easy because we do all the work for you, thus allowing you to focus on what you do best. All you have to do is give the PetDesk team details like, what you want to call the promotion, how long you want the promo to run, and so on. You don’t even have to worry about promoting your special because PetDesk will send your clients an email when the promo begins and a reminder email toward the end of the campaign. Plus, we also manage the allotment of the client’s bonus points. It doesn’t get much easier than that!