Business Health Reporting

Grow Your Practice With Business Health Reporting

Your practice management system is filled with valuable data about the health of your practice. We can sync with it and organize your data into easy-to-read tables and charts.

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We’ll take the extra step of analyzing
it all to identify areas that need improvement.

You can’t fix what you’re not measuring

There are 10 key performance indicators (KPIs) that affect the profitability of a veterinary practice.

You’ll get a first report that details these trends over the last two years and then a report every month tracking these metrics:

  • Client contact info collection
  • Appointment growth and efficiency
  • Vaccine and annual compliance
  • Client growth

Let our team provide insight

Data alone is not valuable.

You need to compare it to similar data sets, apply experience, and understand how that data was generated to grant truly valuable insights.

Every one of your reports is compared to average data across our platform so you can identify areas of improvement.

Implement best practices for your staff

We have found that most clinics’ problems have to do with the process of connecting with clients.

You may not be tracking no-shows properly, failing to activate clients or just doing a poor job at collecting emails.

We’ll discover these issues and give you best practices to fix them.

Customers enjoy these benefits from our data reporting:

Increase Revenue

Find and fix your worst performing areas to generate more appointments.

Improve Processes

Learn best practices to improve your practice’s procedures.

Focus Your Time

Let our team show you the important areas that need attention.

Track Automatically

See where you are headed monthly and yearly to help decision making.

Happy customers make us the #1 client communication
platform for thriving veterinary practices.

"Over the past year we’ve seen no show rates fall from 11% to under 3%. PetDesk has paid for itself 10 times over and more."

Dr. Dorian, DVM and OwnerMarket Street Veterinary Hospital

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