PetDesk vs. TeleVet

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Prevent TeleRegret: your client engagement software should work with you, not give you more headaches. PetDesk is a worry-free platform that clinics can rely on. Thousands of clinics depend on PetDesk to reliably send reminders, communicate with clients, and improve their online reputation.

We absolutely LOVE PetDesk! The setup process was very easy and everyone at PetDesk was and has been amazing! Making appointments, medication refills, confirming appointments, and being able to see vaccinations is outstanding! We are so happy to be able to use such an outstanding app! It also helps my front desk with phone traffic, because everyone can make appointments through the app.


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You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Contrary to what a certain website claims, PetDesk offers all the features of TeleVet (and then some) in a more user-friendly, mobile-ready app. But don’t take our word for it, request a demo and join the growing number of former TeleVet customers who have switched to PetDesk!