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Client retention is key to practice stability and success. Health service reminders, loyalty programs, and frictionless appointment booking help increase return visits and revenues. The result — your clients stick to your practice like pet hair to clothing. But in a good way.

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Good Relationships Require Great Communication

Good Relationships Require Great Communication

Stay top-of-mind with pet parents by maintaining regular communication. With PetDesk, you can sustain and deepen your client relationships by making pet health information, veterinary assistance and counsel conveniently accessible.

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PetDesk has been a great tool to reach and retain our clients, and our staff has found it very easy to use.

- David, Practice Manager

Client Retention and Increased Appointments

When David, Practice Manager at a California-based animal hospital, noticed the practice was shrinking, he knew he had to act fast. After implementing PetDesk, David focused on using the App and Reminder System to connect with his existing clients and ultimately increased the hospital’s appointment rate by 72%.

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