The Staff Burnout Remedy

Work satisfaction and life balance matter more than ever. Your practice can become the employer of choice by using PetDesk to reduce stress and administrative burdens while enabling employees to spend more time doing what they love — helping pets. Soon, team members who were dog tired will be grinning like Cheshire cats!

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Because Your Staff Love Pets, Not Busywork

Because Your Staff Love Pets, Not Busywork

No one enters the veterinary industry for the constantly ringing phones and endless administrative tasks. PetDesk relieves these pain points, and, with them, key drivers of staff stress and turnover.

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At the beginning, we chose PetDesk for the benefit of our clients...But we’ve since realized that it helps us too.

- Cathy, East Padden’s Lead Receptionist

Front Desk Efficiency & Time Savings

What to do when phone call volume threatens client experience at your fast-growing practice? Dr. Tracy Thompson of East Padden Animal Hospital found the answer: it’s about finding tools that enhance client communication efficiently.

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