Increase Client Compliance and Decrease No-Shows

Client compliance has a major impact on a clinic’s finances and time management. One missed appointment is one less pet that receives treatment that day - and when your whole mission is to care for pets, that's a big deal. Our services, like reminders and confirmations, not only help decrease no-shows and keep client compliance but allow your staff more time caring for more pets. The bottom line: your practice's ROI increases, giving you purrrfect peace of mind.

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 Build a Clinic for the Future

Build a Clinic for the Future

It’s the 21st century. We can use our devices for almost anything. If we order our coffee ahead instead of waiting in line, why shouldn’t our pet care be just as easy? Set your clinic up for success by going above and beyond new pet parent expectations.

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I love helping our clients keep their pets healthy and making sure they show up is a big part of that. PetDesk has really helped us remind clients and fits right into our workflow.

- Danielle La Vora, Office Manager

Using Appointment Reminders to Decrease No-Shows

When faced with a no-show rate of 13%, Dr. Weaver and the Bluemound Animal Hospital team knew they had to do something—fast. Discover how focusing on appointment reminders enabled them to go from 1,500 missed appointments to decreasing no-shows by 38%.

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