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Easily connect clients with trusted insurance providers

Expanding the PetDesk experience for veterinary clinics, staff and pet parents.

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Long-term Pet Health

Better health and longer lives for pets

Helping clinics and clients financially plan for long term health care with pet insurance.
Many clients think pet insurance is too expensive, confusing or believe that they won’t get value from it.
Most clinics agree that pet insurance leads to better health outcomes, but with so many options and so little information, it’s hard to know how to guide clients – or even make time for it.

Through the trusted PetDesk App, we make it easy for clinics and clients to build better plans for pets. Only the best, vetted insurance partners are invited.

Simplify financial conversations

Insured pets visit clinics more frequently than uninsured pets.

Imagine every client came in mentally and financially prepared for a $3,000 charge. Even in good times, it’s tough to plan for unexpected injuries or mistakes your pet might make. Just like you’d plan to protect a family member, animals need coverage for spontaneous events too.

New puppy owners should consider insuring their pets but typically don’t. We help bring options to them.
Pet insurance is not like human health insurance. Clients are looking for your point of view.
The unexpected will happen. Prepare your clients so that the right care can be given, no questions asked.
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Backed by trusted providers

PetDesk has carefully chosen the providers with the best customer service so you don’t have to guess which provider and plan is right for each of your clients.

Some providers’ policies aren’t clear. Your clients will have a selection of transparent providers through the Pet Insurance Guide so they know what they’ll be paying in the exam room.

Pet health insurance is easier than ever for clinic staff and clients

Easier for Clinic Staff

Insurance is confusing,
let us guide your clients.

Raise Awareness

Clinic staff and clients learn the ins and outs of pet insurance.

Clinic staff & clients

Clients can get immediate quotes from the PetDesk app.

Choose Your Provider

We do the work by offering verified insurance providers.

Deepen your client relationships. Learn about PetDesk today.

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