The Best Video Chat Tool for Veterinarians

Offer a better and more flexible veterinary client experience with virtual triaging and follow-up.

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Veterinary Video Chat

Ready to take your client experience to the next level? PetDesk’s Veterinary Video Chat tool is built right into the PetDesk dashboard and allows for quick and effective virtual triaging and follow-up. With PetDesk Video Chat, you won’t need to worry about clients using another “virtual vet” service if they need it – they can keep all of their business with your clinic instead.

Virtual Care and Telemedicine
for Veterinary Practices FAQs

What is PetDesk's Virtual Care platform, and how does it enhance the client experience for veterinary care?

PetDesk’s Virtual Care platform offers a more flexible client experience with virtual triaging and follow-up for veterinary care. It includes a Video Chat tool built into the PetDesk dashboard, allowing for quick and effective communication with clients to address concerns and provide follow-up care.

How does PetDesk's Video Chat tool improve virtual triaging and follow-up for veterinary clinics?

Instead of traditional post-op follow-up calls, clinics can initiate video chats, allowing clients to show specific concerns visually. This results in a better understanding of the pet’s condition, providing more effective care advice and reducing the need for unnecessary in-person visits.

Why choose PetDesk's Video Chat for care triaging and post-op follow-up?

PetDesk’s Video Chat is seamlessly integrated into the PetDesk mobile app, eliminating the need for clients to download additional software. This ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience for both clients and veterinary staff.

Can PetDesk's Video Chat be used for reasons other than post-op follow-up?

Yes, PetDesk’s Video Chat is versatile and can be used for various scenarios beyond post-op follow-up. It is suitable for care triaging, allowing veterinarians to assess and address concerns remotely. The tool can be utilized for any situation where visual communication enhances the understanding of the pet’s condition.

How does PetDesk's Virtual Care platform ensure clients stay within the clinic's ecosystem for virtual veterinary services?

PetDesk’s Virtual Care platform, including the Video Chat tool, is built directly into the PetDesk dashboard. This integration ensures that clients don’t need external “virtual vet” services, keeping all their business within the clinic’s ecosystem. It provides a seamless and consistent experience for clients, reinforcing their connection with the clinic.