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About PetDesk

The best client engagement suite for veterinarians to get more tails on tables 

PetDesk’s veterinary client communication platform and mobile app enables clinics like yours across North America to create front office workflow efficiencies and engage with their clients in a multitude of ways. You can give more care and attention, clients are happy, and patients live longer, healthier lives.

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PetDesk Mobile App: The Clinic's Perspective

Did you know that clients who use the PetDesk mobile app come into your practice 3 times more than those who don’t? It’s a fact. Give your veterinary clients what they want; a mobile app to manage all of their pet’s health information, and easily schedule appointments with your clinic. Now you can keep the clients you love, grow your business, and ensure pets are happy and healthy all with the PetDesk mobile app.

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PetDesk Mobile App: The Client's Perspective

Pet health information at your fingertips

The PetDesk app makes it easy for clients to access their pets’ medical records, request appointments, manage prescription refills and build better relationships with their veterinarian. Over 3 million veterinary clients across North America have downloaded the PetDesk mobile app so they can stay up-to-date on their pets’ overall health and happiness.

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PetDesk Texting

64% of clients who prefer texting over calling can’t be wrong

Save your veterinary staff time, boost client engagement, and increase patient compliance by sending reminders, confirmations, cancellations, and notifications via text message. PetDesk Texting is just one way our platform enables communication to take place anywhere and any time.

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PetDesk Virtual Care

Be innovative, go virtual

Nowadays, clients want options. Virtual care is a great alternative for in-person veterinary examinations and general visits. Grow your business by scheduling and treating more patients while strengthening your client relationships and keeping them happy with a virtual care option. Happy pets, happy clients, happy practice!

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Campaigns & Promotions

Get your message out to the right clients.

PetDesk’s Campaigns & Promotions feature lets you quickly send important messages to your client base with just a couple of clicks. Whether you want to send a seasonal information to all of your clients, or send a note to clients of a specific species or age-range, Campaigns & Promotions can help you achieve it all.

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PetDesk Loyalty

Reward. Retain. Repeat.

Incentivize clients and retain them so that pets stay happy and healthy and you can grow your clinic. PetDesk Loyalty is a transaction-based reward system tailor-made for your clients and your unique business. Clients simply download the PetDesk mobile app and opt into your loyalty program to begin accruing rewards every time they bring their pet back for health services.

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Online Reviews and Reputation

Put your practice’s best paw forward for all to see.

Does your practice shine on Google Reviews? PetDesk makes it easy to improve and manage your online reputation by immediately prompting clients to leave a review after a visit. Any negative feedback is automatically flagged so that your team can address the issue fast.

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Clinic Analytics

Take care of your patients AND your practice’s financial health.

Gather important insights data collection and tracking from both your practice management system and PetDesk. By analyzing key performance indicators, you’ll have the right guidance for increasing revenue, improving processes, automating tracking, and growing compliance. Need extra assistance? PetDesk’s Customer Success Team can help pull, analyze, and discuss your reports.

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Appointment Requests

With PetDesk, your clinic gets a 24-hour receptionist.

Instead of sticky note reminders that somehow always get lost, or listening to boring hold music, our appointment request technology saves time for everyone with an easy-to-use interface. 59% of clients prefer to schedule appointments online and with PetDesk, they can book, organize, cancel, and streamline appointment requests all in one place.

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Reminders and Confirmations

Never say “no-show” again

People are busier than ever these days, so how do you keep your practice top of mind for clients that have a tendency to forget to schedule their pet’s appointment, have to reschedule, or just never show up? Eliminate appointment no-shows with the Reminders and Confirmations feature in the PetDesk mobile app so you can start providing more care to your patients.

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Insurance Guide

Pet Insurance = Better Health Outcomes

“It’s too expensive!”, “What value am I going to get out of it?” You have probably heard this all before when it comes to talking about pet insurance with your clients, which is no surprise only 3% of pets are insured in North America. The PetDesk app insurance guide makes it easy to look up and compare insurance plans so that your clients can make informed decisions and be better prepared for the future of their pet’s health.

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PetDesk Pay

A payment system for vet professionals

Welcome to the modern, centralized payment system built specifically for veterinary clinics and the clients you serve! With transparent, flat rates and an ultra-convenient payment collection system, PetDesk Pay alleviates front desk bottlenecks and gives your clients a seamless payment experience while eliminating stressful financial conversations for your staff.

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Corporate Veterinary Groups

If you are a veterinary corporate group looking for robust hospital and client data insights that help boost your veterinary clinics’ compliance and retention, consider taking advantage of PetDesk’s professional services. Receive access to powerful features including: client journey awareness, client insights, compliance reporting, ROI, and more.

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Are You Ready to Change the Lives of Your Staff and Pets?

Are You Ready to Change the Lives of Your Staff and Pets?

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