Your clients use their phones to do everything

of clients use mobile
times they check it per day
of push notifications opened
more likely to take action

But do you really need to focus on mobile?

To be a top performing clinic, yes.

A top performing clinic makes more than $13,000 in lifetime client value compared to an average clinic that makes $3,500. That means that every client at a top performing clinic is worth almost 4 times as much. The single biggest factor in a client leaving an average performing clinic is communication. Why work harder to get 4 more new clients when you can be a top performing clinic by focusing on client communication? By adding a text and an app channel you greatly increase your reach and you give your clients the communication they want.

Vet Clinics using Postcards - 98%


Clients who read Postcards - 25%


Vet Clinics using text/app - 27%


Clients that read text/app - 98%


Your clients are mobile.
Your reminder system should be too.

Are you a local vet, groomer, or boarder? If so, you’re probably only reaching 30% of your existing clients with postcards and email. With PetDesk you get the same channels you already have but also text and a free app. Start reaching more than 80% of your clients and you may not have enough time or the need to take on new ones.

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