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For decades, veterinary clinics have used the phone to perform teletriage. Now, you can practice telemedicine with new tools like video and text, further extending access to safe, appropriate, and effective care.

Since everyone is familiar with using a smartphone to manage their personal communications, it is easy to fold these new channels seamlessly into what you’re doing today. Give your clients the gift of convenience and your clinic the gift of flexibility by integrating tools that make it simple for staff to meet your clients where they are.

We Make Your Life Easier

Whether you need tools to help employees work remotely or ways to provide video updates to clients anxious that they can’t be with their pet in the hospital, we make sure that you have the telehealth tools you need to provide a seamless, top-notch customer experience while making your lives easier.

Telemedicine is Easier than You Think

Why bring on yet one more platform to add telemedicine to your services? PetDesk offers you the live video you need right inside the same platform you use for messaging. Our secure Video Chat feature brings doctor and client together no matter how you’re managing the patient visit:

A Single Platform

Avoid the headache of too-many-dashboards and too-many-companies. Consolidate your service providers and achieve the convenience and ease that makes for a great front desk.

Split Staff. Full Speed.

With virtual exams, both doctor and patient can participate from their own living rooms. Use the power of PetDesk to keep both halves of a split staff busy helping pets, no matter where they are.

Simple Telemedicine

Telemedicine tools are a must have in today’s world. Stay ahead of the curve by seamlessly integrating telemedicine tools into the workflows you already use.

Bring Curbside Inside

Even when clients need to remain outside, live video allows them to participate in their pet’s care in real-time.

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