Why PetDesk?

Thousands of veterinary practices trust PetDesk to streamline their workflow and simplify their staff workload, allowing you to focus on what really matters: providing top-notch care to your patients.

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The all-in-one patient journey bundle


Custom websites and digital marketing

Build your online presence and easily maintain your clinic’s reputation. Through website creation, social media management, updated branding, paid ads, and more!

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team member using PetDesk software at their office desk

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Online booking

Reduce your time on the phone. Connect with your patients any time through an online booking platform.

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Smart VoIP

Save time and eliminate your mistakes on every phone call. Have more timely conversations with your patients so your busy work is reduced.

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receptionist on the phone

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mobile view of PetDesk app two way texting screen

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Mobile app

Get to know your patients better and save time through our 5-star rated app. Two-way texting and mass messaging allow you to connect, engage, and communicate with patients all in one place.

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Automated reminders

Reduce no-shows through our appointment reminders. All right through the app so you don’t have to spend time calling each appointment.

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mobile view of PetDesk app appointment confirmation screen

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desktop view of PetDesk app payment screen

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Payments, forms, and intake

Enhance and streamline your staff and clients’ clinic experience before and after a visit so you both save time. Collect deposits, payments, and signed forms all before your patients arrive so your busy work is done for you.

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PetDesk Veterinary Clinic Success Story

Animal Hospital of Union Grove

When Diana Colombus, the co-owner and practice manager of the Animal Hospital of Union Grove, saw her veterinary staff struggling, she saw an opportunity with PetDesk to give them a tool to communicate with clients and make their lives a whole lot easier.