The Client Recovery Case Study

How a vet clinic grew revenue by focusing on getting
clients back in the door more often.


Dr. Woods had a problem with client churn. She was able to attract a lot of new clients but existing clients weren’t coming back. This is a common problem when you have clients who just come in for a vaccine or a one time service. Some of these clients may have forgotten their next check up, forgotten that CDCH was their vet, or just had veterinary care as a lower priority.


Dr. Woods had to better retain clients and get them back in the office within 18 months. So, she switched her reminder system to PetDesk and started offering her clients a free app. The app gave her clients one place to go for their pet’s needs with CDCH front and center. The reminder system more effectively reached her clients because of its mobile first approach.


The switch to the PetDesk App and Reminder System resulted in 1,005 more appointments in the year. Repeat appointments per client in an 18 month period greatly increased as did the recovery rate of lost clients. This was a huge help since fewer new clients were added that year.


Crenshaw Dog and Cat Hospital

Crenshaw Dog and Cat Hospital is a full service animal hospital taking normal and emergency cases. Dr. April Woods is an experienced veterinarian and owner and has served the Los Angeles area for many years. The practice is a single vet practice with roughly 5,000 active clients.


Dr. April Woods, DVM and Owner
“The system just works in the background and helped transform our practice without any effort on our end. Love it.”

Appointment Rate

The increase in the number of appointments per client over an 18 month period.


Recovered Clients

The increase in the number of clients who came back for an appointment after having been gone for 18 months.


Appointment Growth

The increase in the total number of appointments from 2013 to 2014.


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