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Staff Hours Saved

Increase in Annual Appointments

Increase in Annual Revenue


Clinic Overview

A San Diego full service animal hospital with a staff of three full time veterinarians, three technicians, and two receptionists provide services for over 7,000 active clients and 10,000 pets. This hospital needed a way to engage with their robust client list, decrease no-shows, and save more time for super busy staff so that they could provide better care for patients.

The Problem:
High no-show rate & low compliance

Plus, staff exhaustion led to revenue leakage

The doctor-owner and his staff at the clinic had tried all of the client communication software solutions out there. Unfortunately, none of them seemed to make a material impact on their business. The practice was doing well but after digging into the key business metrics, the doctor knew his no-show rate was too high, not enough clients were coming back in, and his staff was overworked and stressed out.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen no-show rates fall from 11% to under 3%. PetDesk has paid for itself 10 times over and more.

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The Solution: Implementing a client communication system that reaches and engages clients

The San Diego Animal Hospital implemented the full PetDesk solution: mobile app, email, text, appointment reminders, and health service reminders. By taking a mobile first approach, the clinic was able to reach many more clients and better retain them over a two-year period.

The easy-to-use system also lightened the workload for his staff and they were able to devote more time to clients in the office, delinquent clients, and tasks that grew the practice.

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The Result: No-show rate dropped, more time for staff, more revenue

The doctor-owner saw immediate results in the decrease of no-shows and increase in appointments. Clients also embraced the app and after a year more than 1,000 clients had downloaded the app and were requesting appointments without creating more phone calls for the staff.

The practice was able to generate over $200,000 win increased revenue and saw improvement in all areas – especially staff and customer happiness.

At PetDesk our mission is to extend the lives of pets so when we see increase in revenue and saved time by staff because of the technology we’re able to offer our customers, we shout it from the rooftops. If you’re looking to generate more money, reduce no-shows, and increase overall staff satisfaction, book a demo with our team today to see how we can do just that.

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